Back to School Homeschool Edition

On the blog today, Back to School: Homeschool Edition.  After a long trip home, some of us are less than enthusiastic. Hee hee!

It is going to be a great year and they had a wonderful first few days.

Hugs, T



We just had a lovely time in Huntsville, Alabama and are headed out to Tennessee.  FRANKLIN, TN to be exact, and well, I just don’t think we did this area any justice at all.  We sat in the parking lot in Franklin, TN for a quick oil class in the local coffee shop, and then headed out.   I hear we missed an awesome downtown and lots of fun things to do.

Next time, Franklin.  Next time.

We DID have some fun in Kentucky at the Mammoth Cave……


Come on over….. AL, TN & KY is on the blog today 🙂

Hugs, T