A New Kind Of Party

  Yesterday we talked about a simple $5 Family Gift Card exchange, by playing the reading the “Left-Right” stories.  While we are all thinking on the idea of DEFINE NECESSITY, lets talk about Office and Christmas gatherings with friends.  

This year, when you draw names, try this idea:

  Pick names and keep it secret. You purchase a gift/toy for that person’s “inner child”.  What you think they may have liked to receive when they were a child, OR even what they might have wanted to be when they grew up. Wrap it up, and put the person’s name on the gift tag. 

  At the party, everyone gets to unwrap their gift, one by one. Be prepared for lots of laughter and enjoyment! You’ll see everything from a doctor’s kit, to an artist’s kit, a basketball, plastic golf set, apron and chefs hat, a fishing pole, a lava lamp, a feather boa and tiara…….you name it!

  Once everyone has had their fun, and unwrapped the wonderful toys, a designated charity receives these great new toys for their Christmas gift giving! It’s fun for all, and makes for a very meaningful gift exchange with good feelings all around and a great outcome!

This idea is a great way to have some fun, but also pay it forward to others!

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What are some of your ideas for Defining Necessity and keeping CHRIST in Christmas this year?


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