Essential Oils for Lovers

  You are INVITED to a FREE oil class!!!!!!

Essential Oils for Lovers💋😍💧

🔥Want to spice up your love life naturally?

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I am sharing 3 posts a day there, all month long:


🛌28 days of recipes, ideas and bedroom bliss

Essential oils are versatile and can be used to scent sheets and pillowcases, in the bath, as massage oils, as perfume and to scent the room. To create the most romantic environment, we entice all of the senses, including the sense of smell because…….

Essential oils are for LOVERS!   

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Surviving the Holidays with Essential Oils

You are invited to our Surviving the Holiday’s with doTERRA essential oils class on facebook!

We will cover:

🍁Thanksgiving Recipes for your Feast

🌲Immune Support

🍁Digestive Help

🌲Affordable Holiday Gift Ideas

🍁Holiday Travel and MORE! 

That themed class page is open to anyone, so please, feel free to add your oil-curious family & friends. We love to educate about the power of these beautiful little gifts of the earth!

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Hiiiii OHIO! You are invited…. :)

Hiiiii Ohio! 👋 We are bringing two FREE doTERRA essential oils classes to you!

TODAY! Saturday – July 21 @ 6 pm in Plain City, OH

And, next Friday, in Bowling Green, OH – July 27 @ 6:30 pm

Plan to join us for a time of learning and essential oil passing. Please RSVP to me for address!

I will have a gift for you!!!!! 🙂

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Over the month of June, I will be sharing daily tips, tricks & recipes for natural support during pregnancy & after baby arrives…..
Join us for our OH BABY! Essential Oils themed class ALL MONTH LONG!  
In addition to our daily recipe posts, we have 2 educational nights planned, right here on facebook, so save the dates!
*Essential Oils & Pregnancy Class: Monday, June 11th @ 8pm CST.
*Essential Oils & Babies Class: Monday, June 18th @ 8pm CST.

JOIN US and invite some friends too! 🙂
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Essential Oils for Special Needs Class

  Sorry this sent out yesterday! It was supposed to be TODAY 🙂

Just the same, you are invited to a 2 part, read along class on Essential Oils for Special Needs, happening on our public class page, March 19 & 20th at 8 pm EST.

  Pre-class posts will actually start now, so be sure to join the page, turn on notifications and interact!!!!!  That is what makes these events fun! 🙂

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The Oil Basics

What are oils?

How do they work?

And how the heck do I use them?

How can I get a $100 SHOPPING SPREE?

Watch this Natural Solutions Class I recorded on FB Live the other day, and learn ALLL about it! 🙂
(Deals are valid through Feb 28)

Print or download paperwork to a second device and follow along:

((You can fast forward first part where I am waiting for everyone to hop on))

Watch and comment.

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Oils in the Bedroom Class is TONIGHT! :)

You are invited to our Oils in the Bedroom class!

Join us TONIGHT in an easy to read class format.  It’s all done on Facebook, so kick back and enjoy from the comforts of home……

Class is 2 parts, tonight and Tuesday night at 8 pm EST. (Feb 12 and 13)

The pre class FUN has already started!!!  Come check it out:

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Oil in the Bedroom Sneak Peek Video

Hi blog friends, You are invited to an Oils in the Bedroom class, Feb 12 & 13th at 8pm EST, from the comfort of your home!!!

Our class will be an easy read along format, both nights, on facebook….hope you can attend.  🙂
Join our FB class page here:

For now, watch this sneak peek!

It’s an Oils in the Bedroom Mini class I recorded, when I was a guest on a large oil page.  Enjoy! I promise I won’t make you blush! 😉
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