Summer Kiddos Photo Shoots

  My photo biz is in full swing, and over the years, I have actually had to start booking a slot for my own kiddos, or it just wasn’t happening!  Kinda like the builders wife never gets her home building … Continue reading

Love. Wins.

The lines under her eyes tell a story…….


They speak of Weariness. 

Loss.  DSC_0030



A great War, Waged and Won.


The strength of his stance speaks of great Courage, DSC_0282

The shine in his eyes a testament of Hope.DSC_0275

A man who has faced his demons head on,DSC_0227

A man who has Victory.DSC_0112

These Pictures weave a story of a Love,

Shattered & Lost, DSC_0036

Found & Reclaimed,DSC_0032

Reborn & Renewed.  DSC_0108

These pictures may not shout of the tragedy, tears, broken hearts, or broken dreams……DSC_0056

Instead, they whisper…..

that in the rubble of a broken marriage,

In the mess and sorrow of it all,DSC_0138-2

Hope was born.

Just a glimmer at first.


  Too fragile to even move towards touching it, lest it be snuffed out……

But it grew.


It grew stronger and brighter until it was grasped with two hands,


Two hearts crying out for healing. 

Crying out for Wholeness.DSC_0028

Reaching for a Love, Deeper than ever before.DSC_0133

Brokeness made into Strength.


Tears turned into Courage.


Hope springing into Laughter


and Love,


The kind that goes down deep with its roots.  DSC_0278

For it has weathered a ferocious storm,DSC_0193

And strong it stands, DSC_0185

On Promises anew.DSC_0195

2 circles unbroken.DSC_0204

Promises of forever.DSC_0174

Whispers under the covers,DSC_0157

Water fights in the kitchen,DSC_0175

A hug at the end of a long day.DSC_0196



And Hope.

Always Hope.DSC_0242

Even in the midst of utter Despair.DSC_0250

In the angry moments of WHY?DSC_0150

In the sad moments of quiet acceptance of a “Truth” I don’t want,DSC_0176

In the heart swelling moments of a Love

So deep…..

So great, that it brings tears to your eyes.DSC_0038

In the moments I forget to Forgive,DSC_0198

In the moments I don’t.DSC_0159

Hope is there, DSC_0225

Underneath it all.


Hope in Jesus.


In a new Creation….


In Brokeness made Whole.


For behold, He makes all things NEW.

  Happy 11th Anniversary {tomorrow} to the LOVE of my life……


I know we are weary.


I know the road to total healing is a long one. 


I know we are still working out the kinks of this new life of ours. 


But, never, ever forget, that…..

I. Choose. Us.  DSC_0065



I give you all of me….DSC_0238

From now until forever. 

DSC_0255Because Love Wins.

Do you hear that?

Love. Wins.



Story starts here:

Photos by the talented Melissa. Check out her blog, Voice, for more of her amazing work!!!!


‘Staches & Lips

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Mustaches and Lips on a stick are ALL the rage right now…for birthday parties, photo booths, wedding shoots, you name it! 

  I shopped around for a bit before deciding I could just make my own:


This really is so simple.

Take some stiff craft felt, I paid a buck at Hobby Lobby for it.


Google mustache templates and lip templates.  Print and cut out, then trace onto felt.



Hot glue onto small bamboo skewers, usually used for cake pops.


Have some fun!



Easy schmeasy!



Fall Family Work Day

   I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving, surrounded by those you love most!  Praying for safe travels for all of you as you head back home….. I for one, plan on being lazy by the fire in elastic waist pants all day, just vegging out with our Florida guests and playing games with the kids. 🙂

  We were so blessed to have a warm Fall day recently, sun shining, a bit brisk, but a lovely day to be outside for sure!  We all pitched in to help daddy tidy up the back part of the property, and while we were at it, set up a few spots for future photo shoots.

  I am finding that the more I take photos for others, the less I am taking of my own family.  It’s like that itchy Trigger Finger is being quieted, as I snap shots of others.  The editing part is also a bit daunting and more photos means more work.  However, it was really fun to get to take some of my kiddos and Dale today as we worked together.


Old red sheet metal we found makes a perfect backdrop!!!!



Wish this was on OUR side of the property line….OR that it wasn’t surrounded by thorns!!!


Thanks for letting me share!

Have a great one!


4 Little Fergusons Photography

   Make sure to go back and catch today’s first post for Baked Chicken Taquitos with Creamy-Lime Sauce.  You aren’t going to want to miss that one!

   I was recently privileged to take a family session for some friends of ours from church.  My “just for fun photography” has turned into a nice little endeavor for me, and a total answer to prayer during this tight time in our lives.  This session will take provide the funds for us to get new tires for the Tahoe.  Not a fun way to spend the money, but a necessary evil before winter comes.  I praise God for His continual provision!

  Here are some of my favorites this session:

Bretz Family Photo Session 003Bretz Family Photo Session 010Bretz Family Photo Session 018 (2)Bretz Family Photo Session 023Bretz Family Photo Session 040Bretz Family Photo Session 044-2Bretz Family Photo Session 062-2Bretz Family Photo Session 065Bretz Family Photo Session 067-4Bretz Family Photo Session 069Bretz Family Photo Session 077Bretz Family Photo Session 075Bretz Family Photo Session 087-2Bretz Family Photo Session 089 (2)-2Bretz Family Photo Session 096Bretz Family Photo Session 097Bretz Family Photo Session 098-2Bretz Family Photo Session 099Bretz Family Photo Session 108Bretz Family Photo Session 122Bretz Family Photo Session 132 (2)Bretz Family Photo Session 132 (3)Bretz Family Photo Session 151Bretz Family Photo Session 161-2Bretz Family Photo Session 160Bretz Family Photo Session 170Bretz Family Photo Session 171Bretz Family Photo Session 191-1Bretz Family Photo Session 201Bretz Family Photo Session 211Bretz Family Photo Session 217Bretz Family Photo Session 224Bretz Family Photo Session 236Bretz Family Photo Session 239Bretz Family Photo Session 249 

Thanks to this fun family for such a great session, and for allowing me the opportunity to do this for you!


Bretz Family Photo Session 262-2