I Do: Part 2 {Before The Ceremony}

This is post 2 for today, be sure to head back a post for I Do: Part 2 {Worship} so you can read them in order! 🙂 

May 25th, 2o12 dawned bright and HOT, but that didn’t stop us from being nearly giddy with the anticipation of our special ceremony, to take place at 7pm that very night.

  My friend and hair dresser, Kelli came out to do the girls’ hair.  What a blessing to not have to load up and go into town!  She always does an AMAZING job, and this time was no exception!




 The couple that let us use their amaaaazing barn, also allowed us to use their guest house to get dressed.  The kids and my mom hung out there in the AC during our pre-ceremony pics.


A close friend of the family, Whitney, of Whitney Hamilton Photography, captured our special day from start to finish.  You can see more of her work here, on her website.  She does an incredible job and I knew I could trust her to photograph even the smallest details of the day.


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Moments before the ceremony, nerves at an all time high, Dale grabs me for prayer time, asking God to smooth the path before us and allow everything to go as planned.


 And Whitney, being the kind of photographer she is, saw it and captured it all, unbeknownst to Dale and I.  AWESOME.

And so begins, our I Do: Part 2 Vow Renewal Ceremony……


But I’ll tell you about that, tomorrow!