Ribbon Flip Flops

I mentioned last week, that for Women’s Encounter, I made Kasey and I matching flip-flops.  She and I were servers together in a room full of wonderful, awesome women of God. It was AMAAAAZING!

On to less Spiritual things, but we wanted our shoes to match the Encounter colors.

Well, we DID! God loves us and our fashion forwardness, right?! 🙂


  Here is how I made our flip-flops:

  Select a variety of ribbon.  Anywhere from 4-6  patterns and textures.  Make sure you grab at least one unique ribbon with strings, or tassels, it makes it super cute!

  You will not want wider than 7/8 inch.  See that pink and white stripe ribbon? Smack in the middle?  IMG_3269

I cut it down the middle as it was too large to tie nicely.

Using a scissors and a ruler, cut each ribbon into 6 inch pieces.


  With my variety of ribbon sizes, I did between 35-40 for EACH shoe, meaning 70-80 total strips. 

I bought 11 rolls of ribbon between our two sets of flip flops, but that will vary for you since some rolls have 9 yards of ribbon, others more.


  I started tying from left to right up one side and down the other.  I did not have enough ribbon to tie an actual knot, which I was bummed about, but just the first part of a knot. {Like doing only the first step in tying your shoes.}

  Tug VERY VERY hard, to ensure they will not come untied. 

Or maybe cut your ribbon to 7 or 8 inches so you can knot it?!  I am going to try that next time.


Be sure to keep the ribbons very very close to each other, sliding close to the other ribbons after you tie, to ensure you are not leaving any gaps.

  Here are Kasey’s flip flops:

 Her shirt has hot pink, so we did different ribbons.


  Here is the end result.


Fun, right?


P.S.  I bought back Kasey’s extra ribbon and made my girls some, too.

And one more pair each,  just because it was fun! 🙂