We’ve Added Something NEW

We’ve added something NEW to the RV Oilers website and I am SO excited to share it with you today!

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Come see! Hugs, T




As the Christmas gatherings went on, I found myself getting more and more weary.  Both emotionally and physically, and the Lord began speaking to me to BE STILL.

I knew I better obey, so we quickly ran some errands, made some lingering returns and grabbed enough groceries to hunker down and just BE until the New Year.

And so, we did!


New blog today, Be Still.

Hugs, T


A Life Well Lived

Traveling back to Kansas after dad passed, was kind of surreal. Going back to his roots, and mine, when it still didn’t feel “real” yet that he is gone.

Even as I blog this today, it doesn’t feel real that when we get back to Florida, he won’t be there waiting for us.  I just don’t even have the words to begin to explain……

On the blog today, A Life Well Lived.


Hugs, T



Word of the Year 2018

I started having a Word of the Year in a particularly trying time in my life, and the habit stuck.  I find myself seeking the Lord the end of December, on what His word for me will be.  I am always amazed at how very accurate and prophetic, these words can be, too!

Come read about what the Lord has showed me for the Word of the Year: 2018…..

Hugs, T


New Digs!

So its very very very hard to find a place to stay in southern Florida in the winter….we knew we might have to do some RV Park hopping.  Not the end of the world, but annoying none the less. And the next closest RV park with openings can be hours away, not condusive for running over for a quick minute to help with dads care.

And the Lord moved mountains again, for us to stay at the RV park closest to my dad’s house for the next MONTH straight.   Thank you, Jesus!  We are less than 3 miles away!!!!


Come see our new digs

Hugs, T