Senior Class of 2012: Allyson & Collen

  4 little Fergusons Photography is growing and I am so so thankful, that the Lord is allowing me to use this to supplement our income. I love photography so much!!! 

  My poor poor wrist is having some trouble though. I seem to have disturbed an old injury I used to go to physical therapy for, and can hardly move it after I edit for a few hours.  Yikes.  I didn’t know your body started falling apart at 30!!!!!!!!

  Anyhow, without further adieu,  Allyson then Collen.  Thanks guys, for such fun, light hearted Sessions!!! Congrats on your upcoming graduation, I wish you all Gods best!


P.S. I read a cute saying:

“Class of 2012: Don’t you wish you could be 1-2?”

Haha, get it?! CLEVER!  🙂



IMG_4425_b&wIMG_4433IMG_4439posterizeIMG_4443IMG_4448IMG_4463-tightcropIMG_4464-vintageIMG_4508 (2)IMG_4530-side textIMG_4531 (2)_butterfliesIMG_4550-verseIMG_4554-class ofIMG_4636IMG_4660-flippedIMG_4485


IMG_4733IMG_4832-2IMG_4859 (2)-old fashionedIMG_4866IMG_4885IMG_4905IMG_4918


IMG_5348-glasses text b&wIMG_5387 (3)IMG_5404IMG_5407 (2)crop

IMG_5409IMG_5415-2IMG_5429_b&wIMG_5443-2IMG_5465IMG_5492-HDRIMG_5510IMG_5521-tight cropIMG_5626IMG_5550-textIMG_5656-film stockIMG_5666IMG_5691IMG_5706 (2) vintageIMG_5787-2IMG_5797-vintage washedIMG_5804-senior2012IMG_5825-2-no borderIMG_5831IMG_5834IMG_5891

4 little Fergusons Photography: Class of 2012, Heather

This is post 2 for today, be sure to check out Deep South Gooey Butter Bars.

I recently had the privilege of photographing a Senior from our church.  Her personality shines through these photos, and we had quite the adventure trying to get some of these shots! 

IMG_2937sepiaIMG_2949IMG_2967IMG_2971IMG_2972bwIMG_2997IMG_3037_sunspotIMG_3042class ofIMG_3043IMG_3055IMG_3062 (2)cropIMG_3051IMG_3069IMG_3079IMG_3082 (2)IMG_3094IMG_3098 (4)IMG_3149IMG_3232bwIMG_3234IMG_3257IMG_3257maskIMG_3269IMG_3278 eye popIMG_3296IMG_3305vintage bwIMG_3318IMG_3334IMG_3366IMG_3371 (2)IMG_3395IMG_3425IMG_3435IMG_3464IMG_3478

I love all of these, but here are my top picks:


IMG_3098 (3)

IMG_3278 eye pop

Thanks again, Heather! I had so much fun with you!