Havarti Cheese Snakes, I mean STEAKS, with Tomatilla Salsa

  Wanna tick Dale off?  Put fruit in his food.

Dale is like a garbage disposal when it comes to food, he really eats everything I put in front of him.  But he draws a pretty heavy line at fruit IN stuff:

  No pineapple on our kabobs, no Hawaiian crock pot chicken, NO Mandarin Orange Wraps and never, ever, EVER, smother his Steak in cheese of any kind. 

Cheese makes him gag.

  Oops! Guess I am in the dog house now between Friday’s Mandrain Orange Wraps (coming up soon) and today’s Cheese covered steaks.  Better make him some Sausage, Beans & Rice or Man Casserole to get back in his good graces.

  So, I gotta tell you, this was the best darn steak I’ve ever had. 

  Not because it was some amazing cut of meat, I don’t care too much about that, as long as I don’t have break my jaw chewing on a hunk of overly tough cow all of supper. 

  I love this Steak because it was smothered in CHEESEHavarti cheese, no less.

  If you haven’t figured it out, I am pretty into sour cream, ice cream, cheese, cream cheese, heavy cream…..you know, the usual creamy line up.  So when I saw this lovely steak was smothered in melty, creamy, Havarti Cheese….I was in!  THEN, to take it to the next level of goodness, it is drizzled with a Tomatilla Salsa.  Y-U-M!

Oh my stinkin’ word, was it ever good!  (Well, the kids, Nana and I sure thought so!)




  • 6 whole Beef Strip Steaks
  • 4 Tablespoons Montreal Steak Seasoning (Or Your Favorite Kind Of Steak Rub)
  • 6 whole Slices Of Havarti Cheese
  • ⅓ cups Green Chili Salsa (also Called Tomatilla Salsa) Per Serving

Preparation Instructions

Rub Steaks with Steak seasoning.

Send hubby out to grill them, usually medium heat for 8-11 minutes per side. (A medium Steak reads 160* on the thermometer.)

Top with Havarti cheese slices and cover, grilling 2 more minutes or until cheese is nice and melted.


Let Steaks rest for 5 minutes before serving with Green Chili Salsa on top.

We served this with new potatoes and green beans. It was DELICIOUS!

  You must make this, and SOON!

  In other news, look at what Dale found slithering around underneath my clothes line.  Yes, it’s a snake, and yes it’s ALIVE!


You know why Dale smiling don’t you?  It’s because he had just chased after me with said snake:

“Come on, don’t you want to hold him, babe??!?!?!” 

Hardy har har, very funny Dale.



  Let me just tell you it is such a good thing I didn’t go get the dry clothes off the line….I would’ve come unglued!

  Dale took the snake across the road and released it, but not before a car drove by, slammed on its brakes, and backed up to ask what the heck kind of snake he was holding!?  LOL  🙂 

   Just a few weeks ago, the kids found a 2 foot black and red snake, that Dale said was probably a Garter Snake, in our shed.  He assured me it was not poisonous, but I didn’t know it at the time and I sure wasn’t taking any chances.  Destiny chased it into a box and I tipped the box up with a long broom stick, peeked in to make sure he wasn’t going to jump out and get us, then carried him off to “the forest”, as the kids call it, to let him free.  And I didn’t scream once, thank you very much.  But my heart was sure pounding!

  That’s enough snake encounters for a while, right Lord?!  I am starting to look before I walk through the yard and shed now.



Wanna know what was happening in this photo?

  Well, Dale was flaking off pieces of Snake skin saying:

“Look, he’s getting ready to shed his skin.”

  I was shrieking from behind the camera:

“Gross!!!!!!  Cut it out.  Go wash your hands!” 



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