Snugg iPad Case

So, Dale has an iPad.  It’s great and I love having it when we go on trips to read books on the Kindle app {when I run out of “real” ones….I am a hold it in my hand and flip the pages kinda gal!} or check my email or a recipe from the kitchen mid-supper prep.  That part is my favorite!

  I do find it a bit annoying though, because we don’t have a real keyboard and I hate pecking at it with my pointer fingers……SLOW and ineffective if you ask me! 

  Dale got this super cool Argyle Case for it, which I picked out myself, but it is a poor design.  Constantly slipping and falling flat, or flopping forward when you shift slightly in your seat or accidentally bump it.  SUPER annoying!

IMG_2833  IMG_2836

So, you can imagine I was SOOOO excited when I was contacted by Snugg to review their Snugg iPad 2 CaseSA-WEEEEET!


All opinions in this blog post are mine and I would never write a review on something we honestly didn’t like.

  First thing we noticed is how much hardier this case was.  And well designed, too!IMG_2839IMG_2840

   Side by side comparison showed that it would hold the screen at a more user-friendly angle, and never flop down flat, due to the folded flap cushioning it in the back.  IMG_2842

  This iPad case is designed to help you get the most out of your iPad 2.

  “The case cover folds around the back of the iPad 2, giving you an integrated stand to make viewing easier. Position your iPad upright to watch presentations or video call, or angle it towards the desk for a more comfortable reading and typing experience. We’ve even included a stylus loop, so your stylus is always in place when you need it.”  {source}

Do you like to use your iPad for watching TV shows?  Sometimes when we can’t find a movie at Redbox we want, we watch HDTV on his iPad.  Check out this featured that allows you to lock in your iPad at a sharp 90 degree angle for easy viewing.  That puppy isn’t going anywhere!


 Snugg also sells accessories that allow you to use your case to hook to the back of your headrest for travel, as well as many other options.


And, major bonus, everything comes with a Lifetime Guarantee, once you’ve registered your case!


  Get this, the Snugg black leather iPad 2 case also activates the iPad’s Sleep and Wake function….

   “When the cover is closed, your iPad will go into sleep mode automatically, reserving your battery power. When you’re ready to work, just open the case and your iPad will automatically, and instantly, switch on.”

  The case has a handy cut-out for the camera lenses. Flip over your case, and you’ll find a clever hand strap, allowing you to hold your iPad 2 steadily and securely as you take photos. 

  The Snugg gets 2 thumbs WAY up from the Ferguson household, and should I ever decide to get an iPad of my own, I will be getting a Snugg iPad 2 Leather Case Cover for it!


Snugg also sells cases for iPad 3 & 4

And gorgeous Colored cases, too!

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