Paxton’s 2nd Birthday

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  My baby turned 2 in August, but since it was during my blogging break, I didn’t get to share it with you until now! 🙂  Our tradition is first and second birthdays are celebrated with the extended family.  (over 30 of us usually)  After that, parties are smaller scale, or just a friend over to celebrate with.  I also have tried to make the “theme” match their little personalities.  Paxton’s nickname is “Tank”, so his First birthday was a Tank party.

Tank Party collage

Well, last Christmas, Uncle Mike bought him a Sock Monkey.  He latched on to it that day, and has refused to sleep without his “Unkie,” ever since!


   Naturally, we decided to have a Sock Monkey Birthday party.

  I made this collage and had it printed at Walmart for a buck so I could display it at the party. What a fun but cheap table top decoration!   🙂

Happy Birthday Pax


  I used all the dining room chairs to baracade Mr. Birthday Boy out of the ktichen and away from the cake.

00000331 0000033600000337 It was a great effort, but it took him about 2 milliseconds to figure out how to get this far.  Stinker!

  At party time we let him in the kitchen. He promptly practiced blowing out his candles, eye balled the new hat I put on his head…..


And waited oh so patiently at the bay window, watching for our guests to arrive.

“Hi guys! Hurry and come in, I’ve been waiting for you!”



After presents, it was time for cake!  He blew out those candles like a champ, musta been all that practicing he did ahead of time.


He even showed us all that he was “TEA-OOOOOOO!”  (Two)  

{If you aren’t saying that with your lips stretched forward in an O shape, you are saying it wrong…}


He dug into his smash cake puppy dog style!00000326


He was not feeling this method of eating, and promptly announced he needed an “Ork”.


Who am I to turn down better table manners?


Well, kinda better manners. 

  I let him take several more BIG bites before I cut him a piece and gave him a plate.

As you can tell by the photo, he wasn’t very impressed with this plan.


  Happy Birthday, Tankers!  We sure can’t imagine our family without your sweet grin and ornery ways.

Love you to the Moon and back,

Mommy  xoxo



Sock Monkey’s & Snuggles

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Wouldn’t it be nice if all your problem’s could be easily fixed:

Say, by Sock Monkey’s and Snuggles?


  Paxton’s world is made complete by his Sock Monkey, Binky  named “Bink” and his blanky.


{SIGH}  Wouldn’t it be nice if we adults could be so easily comforted?

My baby is growing up.  He no longer will rock and sing with me before morning and afternoon naps, or night-time for that matter.  He just points to his bed and grunts.  {WAH!}  This part of independent baby-hood has always been a hard one for me, but with this being my last little one, I find it even more difficult to accept.



Can I have a blanky and a sock monkey to snuggle too?