Spirit Week

  I always loved Spirit Week in school.  Getting the excuse to dress up crazy for school?  I was IN! 

  I shared Spirit Week with you last year:

Mismatch Day, Twin Day, Decade Day and Western Day. 

Here is the post if you missed it.  Also featured on that post, a picture from MY Spirit Week waaay back in the 90’s!  🙂

I know this is SUCH the mom thing to say, but I can hardly believe how much Destiny has changed from last year to this year, seeing these pictures totally made me realize how big and grown up she is getting!!!!!

Mismatch day 2011

 Spirit Week 2012:

First up, NERD Day!


Day 2: Super Hero Day

  We did Bunny Girl, inspired by Tylan’s Bunny Mask.  I cut her shirt rabbit out of an old tea towel.




Day 3: Ugly Sweater Day

  This Ugly Sweater was unearthed from Nana’s dress up bin.  It was Uncle Chad’s “Joseph Coat” for a church event when we were kids.  Apparently I was feeling a bit cranky about my Ruth outfit?!?!?!



Day 4: Fake An Injury Day

  She was thrown from her horse, or so the story goes…..


Day 5: Cougar Spirit Day


We’ve got Spirit yes we do, We’ve got Spirit, how ‘bout YOU?!


Be sure to head to Post 2 today, Curly Noodle Pork Supper! YUMMY!

Spirit Week

   I LOVED Spirit Week when I was in High School.  Getting to dress up crazy, anticipating Homecoming, you know….one of the more fun parts of High School.


Class Unity Day: Nerds

  Since K-12 are all on the same campus at Central Christian, the elementary kids got to participate in Spirit week last week.   I gotta tell you, I had as much fun dressing Destiny up each day this week, as I did when it was my turn to do this many years ago!

Monday, Mismatch Day


Tuesday, Twin Day with her friend, Haley.


Wednesday, Western Day


Thursday, Decade Day, we picked 80’s.


  Notice the red, teary eyes here, mid-bang teasing.  She was SO embarrassed and so worried kids would laugh at her hair.  So, as to not scar her for life, like I was scarred by my giant bangs of the 80’s, I brushed it out!  🙂  She was thankful.


Friday, School Spirit Day

  So we were SUPER late getting around this morning, and I failed to get a photo of her, but this is what she wore.  She took her pom-pom’s to play with at recess.


  Well, that’s it from here! We are excited to have big sis home from school for Presidents Day today. 

Here are the current activities happening at our house:


                                          “Mommy look, I’m a shepherd!”
  Happy Monday! ~T