Not Your Ordinary T-Shirt Scarves

I LOVE making things and being crafty!  I don’t always have a lot of extra time to do it, or honestly, most times, I’d rather stick my nose in a book.

  However, when I came across a bag of GORGEOUS material I had purchased last May for t-shirt scarves {I was planning on making a bunch over the summer, yeah right!} I knew the time had come to put it to good use.

T-Shirt Scarf Time!


  There are a couple ways to do this, most people use old t-shirts that are lying around. That is great!  {Unless you are like me, and have a lack of t-shirts in your closet due to your extreme Girliness….just sayin!}

  I tried Goodwill but their shirts were $2 a piece and had very little usable material below the graphics.  I did find some non-graphic Tie-dyed shirts from there one time, that I loved.  I made them into Infinity Scarves found here. So, it can be done!!!!!

However, I decided to purchase that stretchy t-shirt material at the Fabric Store instead.  It came at a pretty penny, anywhere from $6.99-12.99 a yard, and the flowers and poufs anywhere from $3-9, but I wanted to give it a go.  If I ever do this again and sell some, I am afraid I am going to have to get my costs down.

  So when you buy a yard of fabric instead of using t-shirts, it requires extra steps:

  1) You can sew the yard of fabric in a tube shape with your machine.


2) Simply knot it after you cut it to create the circle necessary for loops. 


I learned to sew on my Mom’s Mean Machine JUST for this purpose, and it’s a real time saver.  All those knots took hours!!!!!!

Another time saver is using a roller vs. scissors.


  I used to hand cut each strip with my scissors, but now, sweet Dale cuts the fabric folded over itself, on a big cutting board with a roller.  I love sitting out in the living room with him in the evenings while he cuts and I create.  🙂

  There is a tutorial on how to make the actual scarf part here at My Blessed Life.  I don’t have the know how to record and upload a video for you all, so just watch hers. She did a great job!

Don’t forget to hide the knots or sewed parts with another strip of cloth wrapped around and knotted underneath where it won’t show on the neck:


Here are some of my finished scarves:


  Happy Creating!

A note from Tonya: Thank you to those who have asked if they could buy some scarves! I am SO SO honored! 🙂  However, I am selling them at a Craft Fair next weekend and need to keep a nice stock pile until then. That being said, if you see one you love love love, leave me a comment or email me a description of your favorite. {}  I will tell you if I have more materials for that scarf, or if I plan to make that one again for your future order. Thanks!

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T-Shirt Scarves: The Perfect Gift!

We had many, many people to thank for helping with our Vow Renewal.  Some got money, some got gas cards, some got the Sunflower arrangements after the ceremony.  The couple that loaned us the barn got a framed picture of their barn that I took, and added a verse to:


But I had more people to thank, some lovely ladies to be exact.

Remember a while back, I posted about making some t-shirt scarves?

Well, when it was time to think of Thank You gifts for the remaining participants of our Vow Renewal, I knew this was the answer.

So, I made 3 of them.

One for Shelby, our soloist, which I tried on here.


ANNNND, I made one for me out of Shelby’s extra material! IMG_4825

{What? There was just enough left!}

One for Kasey, who made gobs of cookies and spoke:


And one for Ann, who had driven a long ways, just to sing “Our Song”. The very one she and her husband, Lynn sang at our wedding 10 years ago.


The girls LOVED them! 🙂  YAY!

{Ann, not pictured}


Shelby’s & Ann’s are a mixture of link style and spaghetti knit scarf made in a yoke styles,  Kasey’s is all loops with tassels at the end.

The one I have on is a regular spaghetti scarf.


Oh, and while I was at it, I also made a Ruffle Scarf in Cougar colors for Destiny’s teacher:


I was so busy working on completing all these BEFORE the renewal date, that I did not take photos of the process. Sorry!

However, AFTER the Renewal was all said and done, I still had one thank you scarf to make, and I did take the time to photograph it.

First, take a print t-shirt, stripes or tye die would be great!


Cut off the top of the shirt.  From the bottom of the sleeve seam down, so that just the tube of fabric that covers your back and tummy remain.


Cut off the bottom stitching too.


Now, take that tube of t-shirt, and fold it in half, leaving a good inch more on the bottom half than the top half.


Cut all the way through the folded layer, not going beyond, like this:


Cut strips until you have completed the entire row.


Run your arm through the loops.  See that uncut section?  There is now a strip of uncut t-shirt on top.  IMG_7523

Tug hard on the top and bottom of the loops like this…..


Take a strip of cloth from the sleeve and gather the scarf at the uncut section and wrap like this:


Tie underneath wrap to secure.


Ta da!  A spaghetti scarf. The fastest and easiest of all t-shirt scarves!


Here is a link to the instructions for how to make all kinds of t-shirt scarves:

My Blessed Life Scarf Tutorial

More of my scarves here:

Have fun!


T-shirt Scarves

 I recently went to a fun Mom’s Breakfast and one of the gal’s there showed us how to make these fun T-shirt Scarves she saw off of Pinterest.  Isn’t everything on Pinterest these days?! SO FUN!

  Anyhow, I left before she was done, but was pretty sure I got the gist of it all.  During naptime I promptly got my Mommy Chores done so I could get started making some.  I went through our closets and found t-shirts nobody was wearing anymore and here is what I made:


This rosette is made out of the elastic cap sleeve from one of my t-shirts.  I don’t sew, AT ALL, so I just hot glued it together.




I wore this one to church on Sunday with pink and brown plaid dress pants, but OF COURSE, forgot to have Dale snap a picture.  


From 3 t-shirts I made 2 different scarves, one that is a yoke scarf, meaning it’s a continuous piece worn double looped around your neck, the other a traditional scarf with tasseled tails.



This last one I made as a gift for a friend who is helping me out this Spring, hope she loves it! {cause I sure do!!!! }  🙂


Destiny and her best friend made matching scarves, yes it’s that easy, and with their leftovers, I made Avery a yoke scarf.

She was SO proud!


Here’s how you do it:

Find an old t-shirt of hubby’s or yours that doesn’t have anything on the back, and not much on the front.  You are wanting to get as many strips as you can before graphics start.

  Lay it out flat on the floor or table:


Cut the bottom band off and then start cutting strips, about an inch in width. You can save the bottom band if you want and use it again as part of your scarf, but know it won’t roll up like the other strips will.


Be as straight as you can, but no need to measure, the raw edges won’t show.

Take the strip in your hand and stretch it.  Move your hand and stretch it again and again, like you are pulling a rubber band in and out.   Do this until your t-shirt rolls up like this, hiding raw edges:


Now, wrap it around your hand and set it down carefully in its ring shape:


Now cut the sleeve band off and discard.  Then cut strips of the sleeve as well, this is how you will be tying your rings together.


Like this:


You will notice in the first scarf photos, that some of my scarves I trimmed the extra off, some I left floppy, this is totally up to you:


Keep going until you have done the whole t-shirt up to the arm pits or graphic.  You can do the double looped yolk kind of scarf, which is one continuous strand, or the traditional scarf kind with tassel ends.  You can also do half long strips, half rings as you will see featured in the first sage green and brown rosette scarf.  The back of the scarf is the same tee shirt strips, just not in a ring shape.  


For this brown and pink one, I did a braided back and attached some brown chains leftover from another shirt.


I attached them so they hung above the loops in more of a layered necklace form. 

SKY’S THE LIMIT!!! Keep going, its tons of fun!


See those brown rings?  They didn’t roll up like the others.  Not sure why, it was a 100% cotton gap comfort t-shirt, but I just went with it and was still very happy with the end result.

To make the end tassel simply tie two loops to the last chain link then cut in half with your scissors!


  I am working on some others that involve cutting circles from the t-shirt first, but we all got VERY sick this weekend, so I will share those later in another post after I have completed them!


Thanks to my friend, Keri Lee, for contacting me with a link for some more tutorials on this subject! They will do a MUCH better job explaining then I did!

My Blessed Life Scarf Tutorial

Now Go, get your Craft on!  More 4 little Ferguson scarf ideas here.