Mulberry Madness

  It’s that time of year again….

  The time where we have to be SUPER careful to take off our shoes before coming inside, since THIS is what we are walking on outside:


A carpet of Mulberries 

And this, is how my kids come in after play time, which turns into snack time in our all-you-can-eat Outdoor Buffet:



  Oh well, I can’t complain, they all love Mulberries and it’s a healthy choice.  Pax had 4 helpings tonight!  They are so nice and soft for near-toothless little ones. 026


  So this may be TMI, but as you know, Mulberries stain little baby hands and faces……but, did you know that um, as time passes, the other end gets stained purple too?!  Just call him “Purple-hiney Paxton”!

Huh, you learn something new everyday!


  What a blessing to have such good little berry pickers, and you sure can’t go wrong with free fruit! 🙂


P.S.  Guess who took his first steps last night?


Sorry they are blurred, that kid was really movin’, and this momma couldn’t get her act together fast enough!



Remembered to switch to flash…..there we go! 

BIG boy!


After an exhausted week of this:







004And this, from his mean old teeth trying to come in!  (4 at once, ouch!)


  It was nice to see him happy and more like his old go-get ‘em self. 


{Sniff-sniff} Have I mentioned my last baby is growing up WAY too fast?


All done, daddy! That was exhausting!




Clever, no?! Um, no.

  The other day, when we were hiding Easter eggs before bed, the kids put their Easter baskets on as hats.  I thought they looked terribly adorable and quickly insisted they leave them on for a bit so I could grab my camera and take a quick photo or two.   More like 10.

My mind was already thinking ahead to an upcoming Easter post that I could use these in, it was going to be so cute and clever, no?!

  Ummmmmm, NO.

  Didn’t work AT ALL.

4 tired kids + 4 fuzzy chicky basket hats =  CHAOS



Avery sat like this for several minutes, silently contemplating life from below the rim of her “hat”.


Letting it go, and moving on…..

In other news, Spring is officially here.  Want to know how I know?

  ‘Cause my kiddos feet are looking like this every time they knock on the back door to be let in.


  Which is why they stop here, in the laundry room, to wash hands AND feet, before setting foot in mom’s clean house.

  Good job, buddy!050

Oh, and faces too. Did you know……Snot + Sand = Smud?


   Springs arrival also means we can have snack time outside each afternoon, and do homework on a blanket in the yard.  LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!


  Tomorrow I am doing a post on an Easter tradition of ours, making “Resurrection Cookies”.  Come back and check it out, they are really neat! 


P.S.  Guess who started walking today, just a few days after he turned 8 months?  This may not be uncommon at your house, but at our house, babies don’t start doing this for a few more months and do not walk until they are a year.  (Or if you are Destiny, don’t walk until 18 months old)

Pax grabbed onto this Postal cart and off he went through the kitchen.



Then he fell down twice and wouldn’t have anything do with it after that.


Good! That was a close one. 

Oh, wait, I meant awwww, poor baby!