Weekend Fun

  With May comes the end of school, and the beginning of a busy time of year full of weddings, graduations, graduations, graduations, plus a few birthday parties to boot!

  We had a very, very busy weekend going from one great party to the next!  Call us party poopers, but we are EXHAUSTED!!   I was asked to photograph a 1st birthday party for some friends from church, as well as Senior portraits for Dale’s cousin, Matt, whose Graduation Open House we attended this weekend as well.  It’s one thing to take pictures of your own kids, but someone else’s, yikes!  No pressure, right?!  🙂


Hope you all had a great weekend!  This is our last week of school, how about you?  I am ready to have my girl home with me again! 🙂


Ade’s 1st Birthday Party:


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Happy 1st Birthday, precious girl!


037Meet 2011 High school graduate, Matt:

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Congrats on your Graduation, Matt!


  Destiny’s dream came true this weekend, she got to ride a real live pony at her friend, Kolby’s 6th Birthday party!   🙂  She wants a Cowgirl themed 8th birthday party SO bad!  We’ll see if Boots the pony can make an appearance at her party too.

  See her big quilted jacket?  Yup, it was THAT chilly!  Gotta love Kansas, 103* one week, 56* the next! And doggone it, if I didn’t already pack up all the children’s “warm” clothes.  Brrrr…….

015023025 027

   We attended several more Open Houses, but I didn’t feel it necessary to take my camera.  I WILL show you however, what our Sunday night looked like.

049  045047

I’m with Paxton, time for bed! Good night!

Squeaky Cheese, Kenyan Bikers & Weekend Fun

  This weekend was the MCC Sale.  I’ve been going to this sale, held at the fairgrounds, since I was Destiny’s age, except we used to drive up from Hesston and stay the weekend in our motor home. I LOVED IT!  Dale grew up going each year too.  This is something we plan to continue to do with our family for years to come!!!!


    mcclogo3MCC stands for Mennonite Central Committee and has been around for 90 years. Each year all over North America, thousands of volunteers come together to raise money for Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) for the relief of suffering in the world.

  For example, over $5 million was raised in 2005 with 88 percent sent to the 0086field.  Amazing!

  There is something for everyone at this sale – quilts, artwork, 0059crafted woodwork, homemade foods, antiques and crafts. Often there is music and lots of fun activities for kids including an auction just for them. 

  There was a kids building full of inflatables and mini golf so that was our first stop, of course!!!!!!


  Next, we were off to find something to eat…..

085 The MCC Sale offers a full German Dinner buffet, called 091the “Feeding of the Multitude”.  It features verenika, ham gravy, sausage, bohne beroggi, borscht, cherry and pluma moos, pies, bread and butter and relishes.  The line stretches down the sidewalk as far as the eye can see around supper time! (Thankfully, we were LONG gone by then!) 

We went for snack time only, getting the children the much-anticipated “Squeaky Cheese”, or Cheese Curds, we buy each year.



  I packed crackers for our cheese curds and we got some New Years cookies to go with them.  YUM!  What a fun picnic!


Nana thought this wasn’t a very healthy or filling choice, so she bought us all some Verenika.  Sure, let’s add some more carbs to the mix, why not?!


You might remember me talking about Verenika from the Central Christian German Supper post.  They are fantastic!



  While we ate our picnic, the kids put on a show on the empty stage…..a little pig tail twirling and a little tap dancing ensued.


  Paxton, instead of napping as planned, decided to slide down his seat and get stuck.  Stinker!


Next, we stopped to see the Ukrainian Pysanky Eggs.

What originally began as a way of entertaining people standing in line for food at the sale over twelve years ago, has now become one more way of creatively raising money for Mennonite Central Committee.  109We were able to watch them demonstrate the painstaking intricate art of decorating psanky (Ukrainian Easter eggs). 114 The eggs are hand decorated with an ancient wax-resist process using a brass funnel tool, bees’ wax, and dyes. The designs represent aspects of Christianity or other parts of life. Ideally the process starts with a farm fresh egg, its contents to be blown out when the decorating is complete.  They are beautiful!!!!111104110 010   The kids save their money all year-long for this event, so after snack time, we204 headed to the Ten Thousand Villages Shop which features amazing handicrafts from countries spanning the globe.  All funds go to help world missions, for example $6 can buy a needy family a nice supply of milk.  There were so many beautiful things…… it was hard for the kids to make a choice! 186183188195194187191    They even had these awesome trivets and bowls made from old magazines.  192193197After much debate, all 3 kids decided to get Bikers from Kenya that you can push along in front of you as you walk.


   By the time we got home, cleaned up and put everyone in pj’s, the kids were starving all over again, so we let them have a popcorn snack before their sleep over……4 kids and 3 Kenyan bikers, all in one room.  🙂   005


   Saturday dawned gorgeous, so we decided to plant our garden. 


  After being on bed rest all last summer, I have been dying to get out and dig in the cool soil, so as soon as Pax went down for morning naps, we headed out. 


    This is the first year Ty and Avery were able to help and really get into it.  It was so fun, but I gotta tell ya, keeping all 3 of them busy proved to be a challenge of its own.  After the first row of onions went in, we found a system that worked for all my little helpers. 

  Next on the agenda: a picnic lunch and then nap time!


090 Grandma Eileen sent Dale home with 5 beautiful bushes to transplant from her house, so while he was still filthy from our garden project, I put him to work in the front flower beds.



Before & After:


  This brown one on the bottom left, will bloom maroon next year.  And there is a little bush way in the right corner that isn’t showing up in the photo. 

It looks SO much better!  Thanks Grandma!

  So, call me a homebody, but I LOVE weekends like this: one fun outing, followed by a home day and church on Sunday, then a lazy afternoon at home….perfect!  🙂

Happy Monday!



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Weekend Fun

  Anytime we have an extra fun weekend, I try my best to post about it Monday morning.  So, without further ado, another blog post called: “Weekend Fun”. 

  Not to be confused with this “Weekend Fun” or this “Weekend Fun” , either. 

  Hmm, guess I am not very creative at names for posts about weekends.   🙂

  Friday was unofficially dubbed “Grandparent’s Day” at our house:

  First, we headed to Tractor Supply with the children’s Great Grandparents, to carry out our yearly tradition of seeing the baby chickies.  The kids ADORE this and it’s so fun to do things with my grandparents now that they live near-by.

027053031054 - Copy039040030032043045033047061067

Guess who brought their own dollars to buy chickies? 

Yup, my kiddos.

  We now have 5 more Feathered Fergusons to add to our flock.

  Destiny used her garage sale money to buy 2 chickens and plans to sell the eggs to raise money for a horse or something fabulous.  This will be SUCH a good opportunity for her to learn to tithe and save.

 Tylan used his birthday dollars to buy 2 also.  He helps gather eggs and can also plan to split egg money with big sis.  We’ll need to sit down to explain tithing and saving to him, but I think he’ll catch on in no time!  I am still looking for those cool banks that look like 3 buildings, each with their on money slot: a church, a bank and a toy store.  Tithe, save and spend!

Avery doesn’t have any dollars yet, but since there were 5 Australorp chickens, she got the bonus chicken as a present from the other 2 kids.  🙂  No egg money for her yet, not until she is old enough to feed, water and gather on her own.


  We made the new baby chickie’s a home in an old washtub out in the garage with a heat lamp.  I am unsure how long they need to remain under the lamp, but Google should be able to help answer that!  We have a second chicken coop we discovered in the back of an old garage on our property, and it shares a courtyard with our existing chicken coop.  We plan to divide up the courtyard with chicken wire and protect these chickens from the territorial first batch so they don’t peck them to death. 

Who knew Chicken’s could be so vicious?  Not this countrified city girl!


Feeding time!080  Next, we ate lunch at Grandma’s restaurant, yum!  I have no photos because well, I was feeding my face and it didn’t cross my mind.  I had a Schnitzel which is a pork sandwich on Rye. Delish!  My kids had their usual, Chalupa’s.  And Dale had chicken and rice with spring rolls.

  After naps, we headed to the next “Grandparent’s day” stop, my Great Aunt and Uncle’s house in Yoder, a sweet little Amish town.  These are the folks whom Destiny dubbed “Gwamma” and “Gwampa” back in the day before my grandparents moved here from Phoenix, and they graciously adopted our kids as grandkids.  They asked if they could babysit so we could have a date night. 

  A date night?

 Uh, yes please!

  We had an errand to do in Mt. Hope, so we decided the sensible thing to do would be to get Subway and eat in the car while we drove.  I am telling you, everything changes once you have multiple kids!  Sensible as it sounds, I packed all the fun supper accessories to go with our purchased sandwich, and we had a lovely chat as we drove and ate…interruption free! 

  When we returned to Yoder, we got a milkshake to share from a local joint called “Bulls-Eye Grill”.  It was awesome, Dale swore it tasted just like a raspberry Push-up Pop from when he was a kid. 

  We decided to walk around Yoder a bit.  Dale took my hand as we walked, and I have to say, I scarcely knew how to hold it anymore! LOL 🙂  I am so used to holding the hand of my kids, I almost couldn’t figure out where my fingers were supposed to go!!!!!  Date nights are nice, aren’t they?! 

  We had fun window shopping and taking pictures of each other and the scenery after I discovered my camera was still in the car from our Chickie Adventure earlier in the day. 


It’s too bright Dale, I can’t see you!



  These cows were standing so nicely for my photo…..

Until I thought it’d be fun to MOO at them. 

  Dale joined in, and they took off like I had shot them with more than my camera. 

Hmm, my little dairy farmer must not speak fluent cow anymore?!131

  Reality started setting in, along with the setting sun, and we knew it was time to get the kiddos home and to bed.  It had been such a fun and busy week and weekend with the excitement of Papa and Drea and now these fun Grandparents dates, all packed in one day.  133

   And just when I thought they day couldn’t get any better, a fun surprise was waiting for me in the mailbox:


  It was from my new blogger friend, Lark from Lark’s Country Heart. She awarded me Second place in the recipe contest she had and had sent me my prize.  According to Dale’s motto, usually second place is the first loser, but look at this stuff…..Winner all the way!

He totally agreed.



What a fun and generous gift!  I am SO excited to cook with these new beautiful things.  Thanks a million, Lark! Your thoughtful gift was the perfect ending to a super perfect day! 🙂

Hope you all have a Happy Monday!



  I had one of the best surprises of my life this weekend……

  Before I tell you, let me give you a bit of a back story.  All week Dale had been, um, needy?! Annoying.  No, I’ll stick with needy.  Super needy, which is way out of character!  He kept saying things like:

“Babe, what do we have next Saturday, can you clear the calendar?  I just want to be with you and spend some time together.” 

“Honey, I really want to have lunch with you on Friday! Can you make that work?”

  See, I was super-duper stressed trying to get ready for this private clothing sale followed by a garage sale for ALL my baby stuff this week..  I spent HOURS and HOURS, days and days, pricing and sorting at my mom’s house.  You know I am super anal, so each table was organized by size, season and neatly arranged in rows. 


I was honored he was seeking me out, but really?! This week of ALL weeks!?

  I got done quickly Friday morning, with the finishing touches for the sale, (ready to start at 2 that afternoon) and called to say Yes, I was indeed going to be able to have lunch with him like normal, as “Family Friday” lunch at Grandma’s restaurant dictates.  He was happy. 

  Well good for him. 

  I was stressed, but whatever, as long as it meant that much to him, I could make it work. I was semi-honored, semi-annoyed at this new clingly Dale.

  I was standing next to our table, cutting the children’s food, when someone tapped me on the shoulder.  I turned and gasped:


A million thoughts flashed through my mind! Drea, here in KANSAS? But she belongs in FLORIDA?!  What in the world?

  I turned the other direction and saw my Dad, whom I affectionately still call, “Daddy”, and promptly screamed. 


 I then burst into tears, jumped up and down, still screaming, then going back and forth between Dad and Drea, hugging them, and basically bawling my eyes out. 

  It was the best surprise EVER!

  When I finally got myself under control, I looked around to see who witnessed my scene and saw everyone wiping tears from their eyes. 

  I love people who have “never let anyone cry alone” policies.  🙂  They said it was very touching moment to witness.  Dale didn’t have my camera to capture the moment, of course, so it’s all kinda a blur to me.  He said it was just the reaction he was hoping for.

We sat down to a nice lunch, and I found out that Dale had known about this surprise for weeks.  Thus the neediness!  It all suddenly made sense.  No wonder he didn’t want me to have a garage sale this weekend, our special guests were only able to stay through Wednesday, before they continued on the journey to their original destination.  They made a 600 mile “jaunt”, just for us.  🙂


  We enjoyed a fun weekend, and the garage sale went exceptionally well, despite horrible winds Friday, that blew clothes and entire clothing racks clear across the driveway, and bitter cold rainy stormy Saturday!


   Destiny came after school Friday, to sell Butterscotch Oatmeal M & M cookies and rocks. (which she left at home, so cookies it was!)


  She made $20 before tithing, saving and “overhead fees”. (meaning she has to pay for the M&M’s)  We want her to learn to manage her money, as well as use this opportunity to teach her how a business works.  She was so proud!


  Sunday, we became members of the church we’ve been attending for almost 10 years…..


 Then, as tradition states when Papa & Drea come to visit, we eat lunch at The Airport Steakhouse. YUM!



115Hmm, can you guess where the TV showing the “Big Game” was located?!?!?!



Since the weather was gorgeous, we spent the rest of the day outside reading, playing baseball, jumping on the trampoline, and just having fun!!!!!


187                                                           Being on vacation is SUCH hard work!!!! 


  Destiny is off for Spring Break this week, so we plan to just lay low, hang out, BBQ and enjoy Papa & Drea while they are here.

In other weekend news:

Paxton pulled himself up to standing, using the front of the couch. WHAT?! He just turned 7 months!!!!  He was so darn proud.


 linkypartybutton-1 The Korean Noodle Bowl Recipe I submitted won 2nd in the “Made it On Monday” contest through this site.

Horray!   🙂




  Hope you had a great weekend too……I’m off to Bible Study and then to spend some more time with mi familia before they head out Wednesday.


Happy Monday!


Weekend Fun

  Monday’s are always a bit hectic at the Ferguson household, more than usual when we’ve had a big weekend, which we did.  Now, when I say “big”, that means we had more than one thing to attend over the weekend.

   I know, I know, that may not seem like much to you, but when you have little ones to haul around, it can really take it out of them (and momma) to pack up and leave the house like that, sometimes missing naps (gasp!) or getting home and to bed late, in the process.  We try to limit our activities and use weekends to just play and relax at home as a family.


A busy weekend means mommy pays for it alll day Monday, with whiney, needy children, and an over-stimulated baby…….


  I actually can’t complain, they are playing nicely right now, but I am super tired! Maybe its just me who’s whiney and fussy?!  🙂


  My Friday was spent making pies, 5 pies to be exact.  They were to be donated to Central Christian School for the German Supper fundraiser.  Avery was a great helper!  Good thing I only signed up for 4 pies, cause Dale kept one of the Custard Pies at home for himself. That thing was NOT leaving the premises! 


  Overall, I’d say they turned out pretty darn good for only my 2nd attempt as a pie baker. (not counting pies with graham crackers crusts) I have a super easy, flaky & delicious, push crust recipe, that I used.  For those of you as intimidated as I am at the thought of making a pie crust from scratch, and rolling it out all nice, this crust is the answer to your problems! (Maybe I could try to put it on TK soon?)

  I only had one disaster, and it occurred when I poured the egg mixture for the Custard pie in the par-baked crust. My counters slope, and I was an idiot and set the just-from the-oven crust on the burner, rather than getting out a trivet and working at the center island.  It overflowed all over my stove top, and I mean ALL OVER, running down all the different burners and making all the knobs sticky. You know how flimsy those dumb disposable pie plates are, I spilled more trying to pick it up and move it off the stove.  All this with an exhausted baby bawling in the background to be fed and put to nap.  Not my finest hour to say the least!  I survived, and after we got the kiddos down, Dale and I had a nice popcorn, ice cream, stay-at-home movie date.

  Saturday began at 5:50 am.

Yes, you heard me, 5:50 to the minute. I know this because I groaned and said, “What TIME is it?”, while rolling over to consult my alarm clock. The grizzly bear I share a bed with just grunted.

  Can someone PUL-EASE teach our children what “Sleeping In” means? 

  Breakfast is not served before 7, so they know to play quietly until then.  When it is time to get up, this is the scene that greets us….PRECIOUS!


    We cranked up some oldies and jammed while we made breakfast.  “Lollipop” is always a favorite with the kids!


   A Saturday morning tradition at our house, is daddy making breakfast for the family. He makes a mean omelet and is the best pancake flipper around!


We were out of syrup, so we had to get inventive and just do powdered sugar and fruit.  The kids thought it was great that way!



  Avery promptly licked off all the sugar before declaring she was done. Yeah, we pretty much informed her otherwise. 🙂

Later, after the 2 middle’s went down for nap, Destiny, Nana and I headed to the school to drop off my pies, and help serve from 2:30-8. 


  Paxton came along, as is necessary, when baby still seeks nourishment from momma throughout the day.  I wore him in a front pouch and about fell over after a few hours of wearing him.


That’s over 18 lbs. of adorableness pulling my shoulders forward! Thankfully, after a nice snooze in there, some sweet ladies from church took their turn toting him around the gym, showing him off and giving my poor back a break. 

Here are a few photos I snapped before we got insanely busy:

 026This is the main course served, called Verenka. Totally a German/Mennonite thing! Think delicious fried dough pouches, surrounding “curds” (looks like ricotta cheese) and smothered in an amaaaazing ham gravy.  I don’t know how many thousands they made, but the line was long and they could barely keep up.  What a great problem to have!


These are New Year’s Cookies, something Central is famous for. The school has a booth that sells these at our State Fair each year.  Think donut with raisins, except BETTER! They made nearly 4,000 of them, and sold every single one.  I was bummed I didn’t get one!  Guess I’ll have to wait until September, when the State Fair comes to town!!

     A darling Polka Band entertained us with live music throughout the day, it was SO fun!  One of the gentleman told me they’d played together since 1970.


  We love Christian education and want to support our school however we can! I can’t wait until the year it’s possible for the whole family to help at this event.  I think they’ll love it, and what a valuable lesson in serving others, and in understanding that attending a Christian school is a privilege, one that comes with a high price tag!

So. Worth. It.


     During nap today, I’m working on some yummy recipes to share with you this week, so stay tuned!  🙂 

Happy Monday!

~T  Fergusons2  For my new readers,

   I wanted to give you heads up on how things work here at 4littlefergusons. I post every M-F at 8 am, because I am anal, and being scheduled and organized makes me happy.  🙂   (This may all change this summer when all 4 of my little Fergusons are home all day and we spend more time playing outside, but for now, that’s the plan.)  I typically write about what we are up to for the day, a recipe we tried and deemed a “keeper” the night before, or something I feel the Lord has laid on my heart to share with you.

   I hope you’ll keep coming back to visit, I love your comments and look forward to them! You bless me🙂 


Weekend Fun

   Well, Monday is here again, and we survived the weekend!  What a fun one, but man, did it fly by!  Our activities included: visiting Great Grandpa and Grandma, working around the house, going to my nieces 2nd birthday party (combined with Papa Don’s 17th? 57th? birthday), a surprise playdate for Destiny with her friend, Dori, who moved to Florida this summer, and the grand finale of me staying home from church with sick little ones. 😦  Poor babies!  No fevers or anything, just one with an itchy rash, and 2 with tickley coughs.  Tis the season, I guess!

Here are a few photos of the weekend:

Destiny decided to surprise us and let us sleep in until 7:30, by reading to the kids. What a sweetie pie!

Here she is later that day, at her play date with Dori. Such sweet friends!!!!!!!

 Playing at the park while we waited to pick up Destiny.  Brrr!

The Birthday Girl!


Here are pics of the locker crackling DISASTER!   Needless to say, as I sadly watched entire sheets of brown paint slide down the lockers, I knew I would be re-doing portions of them on Monday.



This is what it SHOULD look like.....

Time to get back to work on the lockers.  Fingers crossed it works this time, because I am out of ideas!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday everyone…..