You Are Invited

I’d love to invite you to join our event page, for some awesome, read along facebook essential oil classes.

This month, you are in for a treat…..

I don’t want to delete the Surviving the Holidays class we just did, because there are a lot more holidays left for your to survive, so I am ADDING to the page, a LIVE class.  YAY!!!!!!!

Live class December_

Put it on your calender for this Saturday, and I’ll see you then!

​Hugs, T

Fall Essential Oil Class

Come check out the promo video I made, for our fall essential oils class!  You won’t want to miss it….


This is a screenshot, hee hee, did I trick ya?  I can’t load it here, but come on over to our new blog to watch it, RV oilers!

You are invited to be my guest at a facebook event, an essential oils class, from the comfort of your home!  I plan to post to our Facebook event page, and you can simply read along!

Can’t wait to spend time with you!
Hugs, T