4 thoughts on “RV Oilers On TV!

    • No ma’m! 7 years ago he made a choice, 5 years ago, he told the truth and we began our journey of rebuilding what was lost. The Lord has restored what the locusts had eaten in our marriage, and we are blessed with a marriage better than before! I also love that we can talk about our story without reliving it, because of the freedom that comes in Christ Jesus!!!!
      We are walking in the blessing that follows obedience. This is our blessing, to live a life we had only dared to dream of…..on the road as a family, doing what we love!!!!! 🙂 Praise His name!

  1. Hi Tonya, my name is Wendy. Is there an email address where I can send you my story? I would love to get some outside perspective of my situation. You can email me if you would like instead of posting your email. Wendy_1024@live.com

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