March 5th we got word that the area right by where we built our home sweet hub, was on fire.  All our neighbors were being asked to evacuate.
We started praying and continued the rest of the day, the kind where you breathe in, and breathe out a prayer…..
They were able to get it out, and watched hot spots for a while, but a few days (a day?) later, it all flared up again, WORSE this time by horrific winds.

Come on over, and I’ll tell you what the Lord has done in our lives….
Hugs, T


Wedding Bells

Wedding bells were ringing in Florida before we left…..Uncle Dan & Aunt Torrey got married on the country property we lived on.  They even asked the kids to bake their wedding cake.
Pretty awesome, right?  Come on over and celebrate their special day with us!

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