XES: Why Good Girls Tend To Get It Backwards WINNER!

  I am excited to announce the WINNER of our awesome book giveaway by author and speaker, Joy McMillan of Simply Bloom.


  And the winner is……………………

{Via Rafflecopter entries}

Amber Schroder!

  Amber, Congrats on your win!  You have until Friday, June 6th, to contact Joy with your mailing address. simplybloomdesign@gmail.com

  For those that are interested in purchasing XES for yourself or a friend, it is available for $13.49 at Amazon.com. 

Xes: Why Church Girls Tend To Get It Backwards…and How To Get It Right

In this book you will discover:

• Why sex is under attack and what you can do to fight back
• How the church has unknowingly misrepresented God’s heart on sex
• How to cultivate a safe environment to speak openly about sex with your spouse
• Why carving out time for intimacy, even when you’re not in the mood, has the potential to transform your marriage and improve your overall wellbeing
• Practical ideas & helpful resources to take your intimacy to the next level

  It is a page turner!!!!  You will laugh, blush, giggle and be moved beyond measure.  It’s time good little married Church Girls, start enjoying Sex the way their Creator created it!

  Hugs, T

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