Mud Puddle Memories

  Before I start in on Mud Puddle Memories, I wanted to take a moment to say THANK YOU to all of you sweet friends and readers who commented yesterday. I was not able to reply to each one of you, but I read all of them and took them to heart, thankful for such positive supportive people in my life!  You bless me beyond measure!!!!!!

Today’s forecast? 

Sunny with a chance of lemonade!  🙂


  My kids found a giant mud puddle to play in today.  Thankfully, they were kind enough to take off their shorts first before stomping in it. 


  Sadly, despite their sweet efforts, this did not protect their lil’ hiney’s from getting mud spattered.  Oh well, they had fun, so its worth the extra laundry, right?

RIGHT?!  🙂058

Seeing this scene brought back a memory from yester-year of my sweet little Avery, who was sent outside to be watched by her daddy, so mommy could get the house cleaning done……ALONE.

  It was a warm fall day, and the big kids had rolled up their pants to step in another mud puddle in the same location as today’s mud puddle.  (Note to Dale: Maybe it’s time to fill the driveway hole!?)

  Here is what happened:

Big kids playing in mud


Baby Avery wants to join in the fun.  Daddy musta said yes, ‘cause SOMEBODY rolled those pant legs up!

  Next thing I know, the kids are shouting for me to come quickly!  Apparently, Avery has fallen in the mud puddle.


“I want you, Momma. You hold me?”


Thank the Lord for Washing Machines…….




Have a great weekend!