Follow Our Adventures!

Hello friends! Long-time, no chat.  I apologize for that, I have missed you all!

BUT I also have to say, it’s been such a joy to LIVE my life, not blog it.

Leading online experts teach that Blogging has moved to the back of the social media world.  More and more people enjoy content on Facebook and Instagram instead for it’s scroll and go convenience!

Without even realizing it, I too, have shifted my efforts there for a quick upload of adventures as they occur.  Rather than downloading images, uploading them to a blog for hours on lousy RV park wifi, then writing out a post……it’s in the moment fun!

So, come on over! Follow our adventures on Instagram


 Or on Facebook RV Oilers page:

See you there for now!

​  Hugs, T

2 thoughts on “Follow Our Adventures!

  1. Could you please send me your testimony? Your experience with your husband. I have used you as an example so many times and there are no words better than your own! Thanks you😘

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    • It’s all here! Click on the surviving infidelity tab and read all God has done in our marriage! Share the link anytime as well. I love that all these years later the Lord is still using our mess as a message.

      Nearly 18 years we are more in love than ever and enjoying all the blessings the Father has lavished on us. Praise His name!

      Is that helpful or do you need like a short paragraph?

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