“Me Too, Daddy!”

    Father’s Day is coming up, and it’s got me thinking and being extra thankful for Dale and the role he plays in our children’s lives.  It blesses me so much to watch them shadow him and want to do whatever he is up to.

From mowing, to shooting, golfing to grilling…….they want to be with Daddy!



Destiny, age 5, learning to shoot Daddy’s gun


Her reaction?  And I quote….

”That was AWESOME!”


“Cowboy” Tylan, learning to do the same, but a whole year younger, at age 4. (What’s next? Avery at age 3 and Pax at age 2, think again, Daddy-o!)







 One night a father overheard his son pray:

Dear God, Make me the kind of man my Daddy is.

Later that night, the Father prayed,

Dear God, Make me the kind of man my son wants me to be.


5 thoughts on ““Me Too, Daddy!”

  1. Oh mercy, you got me all teary eyed now. So sweet! It is amazing to see your man being loving and gentle with your children, isn’t it? You just see this whole different side to them and it makes you love them even more. Love this post! I always want to give your whole family a big ole hug when I read your posts..lol.

  2. Oooh, that little story at the end just gave me the chills! And I love all the pics of the kids with their dad. I especially love the shot with Destiny’s surprised and enthusiastic post-shooting face. Priceless!

  3. So adorable! My favorite is Tylan on his play grill with his daddy on the real grill!! So priceless! You have such a beautiful family.

  4. HA! I **love** Destiny’s expression after she shot the gun!! That is priceless–if there’s a slideshow of her childhood when she graduates or gets married, that has got to be part of it! And Tylan grilling next to Dale….too sweet!

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