Mini Break

  Hey friends, May 15th I shut down my Photography Calendar for the YEAR, because I was full to capacity with appointments! What a blessing! 18 1 copy 

  About that same time, I launched a new business with my friend, Kalene Nisly.  We are calling it 4&Blue, the combo of our photography names.  We will both maintain our businesses while doing big events, weddings and stylized sessions together. Its always more fun with a friend!

Please, go like our new page on facebook!!!!087 copy119 copy

  That is super exciting, but it also means, I have had less time to blog.  {sigh}

  I used up all my “stash” of drafts during Papa Don’s last days on earth, and that means I am OUT OF BLOGS and OUT OF TIME.
(Which makes OCD me kinda twitchy to tell you the truth.)

  But, instead of panicking and staying up late to write some more, cook some more, and photograph some more……

I am taking a break.

  I want to be Mommy, and play, and do photography, and only have edits in the evening.  I will be back in a couple weeks, once I catch my breath to tell you all about it.

See you in a few weeks!



7 thoughts on “Mini Break

  1. Enjoy your break!! It’s waaay more important being a momma!! Congrats on your new business 🙂 Can’t wait to see the pics!!

  2. Oh, My goodness!! I am going to really miss you and your blogs, but I so get how busy your life is and how all the one on one moments with your precious little’s ones is so vitally important!!! So you go and take that break….you deserve it!! Love ❤ you to the moon and back. ~Mom

  3. Everyone needs a break and you’ve earned one this year. I have to say I’ll miss starting my day with your blog. The bride in the water picture is just gorgeous and so unique – you should find some contest to enter it in!

    • Dear Dear Tonya,
      So glad to hear you are taking a break. You do such a fantastic job at whatever you do. It is time to do something for Tonya. (For those of you who have never met our Dear Tonya, her house always looks like Better Homes and Garden, her children are ones you want to have around you all the time, she lifts the spirits of all the people she comes in contact with , I think she might be the next Ann Landers- she always has such words of wisdom and encouragement and her faith never waivers.) From an Aunt who loves her dearly !! Judy

  4. I totally agree with the others – you need & deserve a break! Especially since it’s summertime and your kiddos are home from school. Enjoy them – we’ll look forward to catching up to you once you catch your breath. Have an awesome time with fam. XO

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