And We Are OFF!

We are off for the summer!  On the road once again…..this time until fall.

We plan to go east coast and up north.  We have great things planned like Creation Museum, Ark Encounter, Yorktown, Jamestown, Philly, NY city and MORE!  I am SO excited to be traveling again after a really difficult year last year. ❤

First up, Branson, MO! 🙂

New blog today: And We Are OFF!


Hugs, T

4 thoughts on “And We Are OFF!

  1. Oh Tonya! This sounds so exciting.
    I pray that you all have safe travels. I live in KY and haven’t even had a chance to go to the Ark Encounter yet. I’ve heard it’s wonderful. I live in Lexington…I’d love to get a chance to see you/meet you in person. I’ve been following you for years. Lexington is a really neat place (horse capital of the world). The Kentucky Horse Park is a really cool place to visit if you’ve never been. Cincinnati (OH) is close by as well and has Coney Island (with the world’s largest swimming pool) and Kings Island (an amusement park/ water park) if you and the kids are interested. And who knows – it may be worth contacting them for free passes since you are a blogger! 🙂
    Anyway – blessings and safe travels. I will enjoy reading about your adventures on your blog!

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