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I want to welcome blog reader and friend, Kristina to 4 little Fergusons today. 

  Last summer, for the Ferguson girls’ birthdays, she sent us this amazing care package all the way from the East side of the good ol’ US of A! It was full of tea and homemade vanilla sugar, lip gloss, flower seeds and nail polish. The best part of all, these jars, lids and straws!!!
We posted our thank you on Facebook.  🙂

IMG_1622 text (2)

OH MY GOODNESS! I LOVE THESE cups!  They clean up so nicely, and don’t get slimey like plastic cups do over time.

  My kids have water glasses on my kitchen table 24×7, because I want them to be good water drinkers, and I want it to be easily accessible.  I was tired of spills and I was tired of UGLY mismatched kids cups on my table all day. 


This, my friends, is the answer. 


These jars and lids are GORGEOUS, they are cute in my kitchen and they are spill proof!  {aka Paxton proof}  Order one for every child in your family, with their own straw color!!!!  AND, she has MOMMY sized cups, too! I love it!  🙂

Without further adieu, here’s Kristina, from the Little Bits of Country Etsy store:

Hello, My name is Kristina, and I am the owner of Little Bits of Country Etsy Shop. I was so excited when Tonya asked me if she could write a post about me and my shop!

I am 27 and have been married to my handsome hubby for 8yrs now. We have 2 children who are 7 and 5. I am a stay at home mom and a homeschooling mom. Hubby owns his own Construction business and has built our home from the ground up!

134 (2)

I got started in making my jars about a year ago.  I gave one to my mom, she took it to church with her, and all the ladies asked where she got it!  She called me and said maybe I should think about selling them?
I made up a case of them, sent them with her, and she sold them all!

The rest is history………….. 🙂

  I sell the lids {with straw} in wide mouth lids or regular lid sizes. They come with a straw in many different colors. You pick! 

Orange, red, purple, pink, black, green and blue


   I also sell lids called Cuppow lids.


They are a new lid that has just come out in the past year or so.They are made in Boston, and turn your jar into a travel mug. If I may say so, I really love mine!  🙂 Those come in Wide or Regular lid sizes, as well.


I sell mostly just lids, you can buy your jars at the store.  However, I do sell a few of the jars too. I can pack ‘em up, nice and safe for shipping, if you’d like. 

  These jars are a great size! They are 24 oz, pint and a half jars and fit perfectly in most cup holders. They are great for mom’s on the go!  


  We have a big ol’ work truck and they fit great in all the cup holders in it!

  If you don’t want such a big glass I can also make them in 12 oz. jars too. This is the size Tonya has for her kids, and they work so well.


The Straws and the Cuppow lids are both BPA free, and dishwasher safe, which is so nice for this busy Momma! Actually the whole cup is dishwasher safe.

  Come on over to my Etsy store, Little Bits of Country.  Just for stopping by, I’d love to offer you 20% off your order today!  {Just add this code: FLF20 before you check out}




Thank you, Kristina! We LOVE our cups and straws!!!!

  Head on over to her Etsy store and show Kristina some love for giving us SUCH a great discount today!!!!
You are going to want one for yourself and every sweet kiddo in your family!

Hugs, T



8 thoughts on “Little Bits of Country

  1. Oh Wow Tonya! I LOVE the post! You did a GREAT job writing it out! It is so exciting to come over here and read about myself!:) hehe!!!! Thank you so much dear friend for doing this for me! I am so glad that you are enjoying your cups!!! Now you will have to get Dale on board with a “Man” cup.(My hubby is not big into the straw but he does take the cuppow lid with different drinks in them!)
    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, Sending a BIG {{Hug}} your way today!!!!
    ❤ Kristina

  2. As soon as I get time later today I’m ordering some. These are brillant! I too am soooo tired of all the plastic cups on my counter. Thank so much for sharing!

  3. Those cups are just adorable! What fun fun gifts to receive. And I love that each of the kiddos has their own colored straw to know whose is whose. Awesome post! And Kristina, you should know I’m VERY partial to redheads..looks like you have a number of them in your family huh? ;-} Sweet! Thanks T for sharing.

    • Marsha, Yes, I do have red heads! We were very shocked when they were born! I am dark and hubby is blonde! They are the only grandchildren with red hair. We laugh because hubby has a cousin that is the only other family member that has all red headed kids! But, we love the color! In the summer my daughter had AMAZING highlights! So many ladies stop us in stores and say” Do you know how much I PAY to get that color!” hehe!

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