The Dream

Just tuning in? Please start at the Original Post that begins this Series on “Surviving Infidelity”.  It will all make a lot more sense if you do: Shattered Hearts, Broken Promises. 

For those of you all caught up, this is post 2 for today, please go back and read the first post, “Hearing from the Lord”.

 I’d like to share a dream our mentor had.  He has been praying for us faithfully during his late night prayer time.  I am telling you, this man has been invaluable to our healing process, sharing things he hears during that time that are straight from the Lord, meant to soothe our broken hearts.  Personal things that would only make sense to us.  Man, I love that!

This was sent to us via email on July 15th, 5 short days after the secret comes out:



So, I’m not really a ‘horse’ person, but this dream was about horses. I walked into a huge barn, a really clean barn with stalls on both sides for horses… wood on bottom and bars on top… like you see in the movies.. or my dreams.. haha.

  Stapled on the wood of each door was a picture of the horse, his lineage, all the important info, and a PRICE. And going in, the lowest priced horses were first, up to the highest priced ones at the end. So I’m looking at the horses, trying to figure out how they know how to price them. The first ones are way old, sway-backed, ribs showing, bad teeth……and are for sale for a few hundred dollars.

swayback old horse

Then the horses got really pretty, and I was admiring them and how HIGH the prices were getting. I got to the next to the last horse, and it was a BEAUTIFUL purebred American quarter horse… (like I know what that is) with this gorgeous white star on its forehead. It was four years old, and didn’t have a blemish on it. The price tag, $25,000.00. I was walking along with the owner of the horses and I remarked to him that I had no idea a horse could be worth that much.


He said, wait till you see the next horse.

So, next stall. It was a really nice looking horse, but not nearly as beautiful as the one right before it, and it was 10 years old. It had a couple deep scars from home-2wounds, I guessed from running into a barbed wire fence or brush, maybe while it was out working cattle. And it had a brand… which I’m not sure if they brand the really good horses, but I’m guessing not. So it wasn’t the best looking horse.

Price tag, $175,000.00 I gasped and asked the old owner what in the WORLD made that last horse so high-priced.

He looked at me like I should have known and said, “Oh, this one’s broke”.

That’s where he ended.  Totally left us hanging!!!!

On Jul 15, 2011, at 11:21 PM, Tonya Ferguson wrote:

Does your dream come with an interpreter? 🙂 Are you calling me a horse? Is saving my marriage like the pricey old horse? Worth far more than a brand new one? Good night, sweet dreams! T

Our mentor wrote:

I thought I’d let you chew on it tonight (I would never call you a horse, nay). I’ll tell you how I interpreted it tomorrow, although I’m sure the dream was from God, I want to be sure my interpretation is from Him too.

July 16th: A Dream Interpreted

The owner of the horses was God.  The last two horses were pictures of your marriage.  The thing that prompted me that this dream was about you was the word you used in your initial email to me… “worth”… something like, “I guess I wasn’t worth it then, and I’m not worth it now”…  I think God is wanting to show you the value or the worth of you and your marriage.

So… value… In the dream, I was ‘pricing’ the horses.  I stared at the pretty $25k horse, admiring its sleek lines… haven’t people admired your marriage from the sidelines?  And the next horse, although not as young, or PRETTY, was valued at $175k…. which is, not coincidentally, SEVEN times the value of the unbroken horse.  I don’t put a lot of emphasis on numbers, but seven is the number of perfection.  I truly believe that tomorrow your marriage will have seven times the value it did yesterday.  Seven speaks of completion.  Omega.  It’s not completed yet, but Alpha is past.  Omega is coming.

Didn’t your first counselor use the words ‘broken’ describing your marriage? As … broken in a bad way?  Sometimes we think broken has a negative connotation.  In the world of horses, if you’re not broken, your value is less.  Brokeness is a precious word to the Lord.  He desires our brokeness.  I don’t see your marriage as ‘broke’ not like Humpty Dumpty was broke, but broke from a shroud of secrecy, broke from lies, broke from infidelity, broke from pride, broke from financial security, broke from the horrible monster of secrecy, a broken vessel before the Lord, needing him now more than ever in every aspect of your lives.

The scars, battle wounds from being in service.  Dale just received a deep scar, and so did you.  They mark you as someone who has been through the fire and has come out on the other side.  I saw two scars in the dream.  I don’t know what that means.  If I were to guess, it would be a scar on each of your hearts.  The valuable horse was a 10-year-old.  How old is your marriage again?

  Unknown to him, our marriage was 9 1/2 years at the time of the dream.  We will celebrate 10 years this May.

  Dale and I had no doubt this dream came direct from the Father Himself, so we clung to it like a lifeline.  Drawing encouragement from the fact that the Lord desires our brokeness. 

Good, because at this moment, we had nothing else to give Him.


Tune in tomorrow, for a post from Dale…



21 thoughts on “The Dream

  1. Not much to say except that I am glad for the telling, so that other people will see that some things ARE worth fighting for. Thanks.

  2. BE STILL MY HEART! What an amazing! amazing! story of restoration in process. I’m blown away by all God does to comfort us and give us hope. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s posts! Love & Prayers are covering you today and every day. Sweet Blessings to you and your family as you allow HIM to use you to teach us through your incredible story. XO

  3. Good Morning Tonya,
    You know I always live by the thought that God never gives us more then we can handle.
    That thought is always on my mind as I go through each day
    You and your beautiful family can handle and get through this and be the better for it if you just let God continue to guide you.
    Lifting you in prayer daily !

  4. Hello Dear One! First of all, thanks for 2 posts today!! You know I can’t stand suspense!! lol

    Just know that I love you all, and I am amazed at your beauty (the inside kind) and your strength. Because of your weakness, you are strong. When I think of God’s world, things are “upside down”—when we are weak, we are strong because of Him. We are to love our enemy. We are to forgive the unforgivable. I visualize this when Jesus whirled through the outer grounds of the Temple, overturning the vendors’ table. He turns the world upside down!

    Don’t know if this makes sense. Love you and yours!!


  5. Hi Tonya,
    You are doing amazing things with your blog to stand up and tell your testimony like this! I can’t imagine what you went through but I think the way you have handled it is very powerful! My prayers are with you sweetie and your family! It’s a hard season but the season will end, they always do and a new season will begin. I just feel God has amazing things planned for you and your husband!

  6. Wow! Praise God! Your mentor’s number for the years you have been married was not incorrect. You and Dale are living your tenth year of marriage now. On your next anniversary you will have completed ten years and starting your eleventh year of marriage. God is perfect! Wow!

  7. I needed to hear the verse you shared in part one today – Exodus 14:14. Thank you for sharing! I love this story. I just started to learn about dreams and dream interpretation in the last few years and I find it fascinating how God speaks through them!

  8. I read earlier this morning, but then had to leave for appointments,etc. As I’m reading through again this evening, I’m just reflecting on what an example you and Dale are being to your children. We don’t have to be perfect, we never will be, but we have to be willing to do what the Lord asks of us, and you are showing that to your children every day. When we are weak, then we are strong. Seems to be a reoccuring thought…..And the Lord is building your family stronger with their daddy at the head and both of you learning things you never thought you would have to learned, but would have learned in no other way. He will be faithful to you and to your family. Hugs.

  9. This post brought me to tears-seeing how your counselor interpreted the dream and how God worked for your good through it. What a beautiful thing. I’m just speechless.

  10. I have just come across your blog and have gone back and read through all the posts from this “series”you are writing. Your words are beautiful. So honest and trasnsparent. You are a mighty woman of God and your character shines through, bringing glory to God in every post. I admire your bravery in writing about such a personal and painful time. Know that God is using you through all of this. You are touching so many lives and your light is shining brightly for Jesus!
    Thank you so much for writing this. I will be following closely to see what God is doing in you marriage. You are amazing, sister!!

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  12. All I can say is, “Wow!”. My husband has had 8 affairs in 12 years. Not all physical…mostly email flirting, etc., but affairs nonetheless. Most think I am insane for not divorcing him. Most times I think I am, too. I know it’s an addiction…like gambling, pornography, alcohol, drugs, etc. he has FINALLY, PTL, realized that he has a true problem and is trying to get help. It’s not easy around here. We live in a tiny rural town outside of a small city….in Utah. We are not part of the “religious majority” and most churches that are Christian do not have any help available…other than talking to the pastor. There are no 12-step programs, here, for someone who is a serial cheater. Yep. That’s what they call his addiction. Serial cheating. He has found one group that meets at a SMALL Christian church in town that is for addiction in general, but is mostly full of drug and alcohol abusers. It is not a 12-step program, but an addiction recovery program. I just hope it heals him. Your story, thus far, is very inspiring. My husband, though, is not a strong Christian. He believes in God, yes. He doesn’t talk the talk, nor does he walk the walk. I had done some backsliding when we found each other again after 17 years and jumped way too quickly into the marriage. I didn’t consult God about it. I only hope He can, and will, help us. So much of your hurt and your feelings about Dale’s affair are so like my own. I’ve just experienced them x 8! It never gets easier. I’m so broken. I struggle to give my 3-year old little girl the love and affection she so deserves, and discipline, and I try so hard to instill in her a love for Jesus. I so do not want her to inherit any of this in her own life. She deserves so much better.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. I found out about my husband’s most recent affair a couple of months ago. The disgruntled husband of the woman he was emailing sent me some of the emails and a letter…and called us both incessantly. I was actually scared this time. He seemed like he could go over the edge in a heartbeat. He was hurt. I understood that. I told my husband that, one of these times, he was going to piss off the wrong husband or boyfriend and would put us, all three of us possibly, in danger. This guy was trying very hard to hurt my husband by hurting me. He was very open and honest about his motives for the letters asnd phone calls. I prayed and prayed that he would not come here when my husband was on shift to hurt my little girl and me – physically – to get back at my husband. Luckily, he hasn’t called in about a month.
    Again, thank you for sharing. I would not wish this on anyone, but it does help to know I’m not alone. I hope all is well with your family now. I’ll keep reading….

  13. Reblogged this on Grace and Space and commented:
    I stumbled across this post today and had to share it. I know the value of being broken. It changed my life, made me grateful in new ways, opened my eyes, brought me joy and peace that I couldn’t understand before I experienced the scars. Read the whole thing. Read the other posts in this section. Even if you can’t fully relate, I hope this will touch you, speak to you, whoever you are, wherever you are. It is hard to see in the moment, but brokeness adds value. Blessings! ~ Sheila

  14. I cannot imagine what you went through. I don’t know what in the world I would do if my husband told me something that destroyed my world like this.
    Amazing how God still speaks out loud today, just like he did in the Bible to his faithful servants.

  15. Hello! I seen your blog on fb. It is such a blessing. My husband of 11 years left me and our two children 8 months ago. He’s currently with someone else and has filed for divorce. BUT GOD….
    God has opened my eyes about some things through your blog. He’s preparing me for the restoration of my marriage and family.
    Thank you for you openness and honestly. You are a blessing!

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