4 little Ferguson’s Photography: Florida Family 2013

  Remember these little guys?


  They are now 16 months old!  I was honored to get to capture their family.  1 is a hard age to capture, and times TWO of them, we were using a duck whistle and harmonica, whooping, hollering, clapping, and as a last-ditch effort, the work truck and its honking horn, to get the boys to look at the camera.

  In the end, we were all pleased with the results! Hopefully you won’t even be able to tell we were working hard.

   We started off with Nana and the grandkids, and Great Grandma with her Great Grands minus 1 who lives out-of-town.  We should’ve done this shot Sunday night when they were all over at my house instead of Tuesday! But of course, no one thought that far ahead!

05 copy03 copy04 copy

  Then it was time to get down to business.  Sadly, the boys were just ready to get DOWN, period!

Let the noise making ensue!!!!  Dad & Mom stayed cool, calm and collected through it all.  Very impressive!

06 copy12 copy

blog 3blog 5blog 6blog 7blog 845 copyblog 10

These are by far my favorite two shots.  Last I heard, they were being made into canvases for the Bontrager Home! 

blog 4  I am so honored to be the one capturing these special moments for my loved ones…



9 thoughts on “4 little Ferguson’s Photography: Florida Family 2013

  1. Tonya, you do a GREAT job! I always love looking at your photography.:) I wish that we lived closer and you could take my families pictures!:)
    Thanks for sharing. Your family is cute and those twins are so cute too!!!;)

  2. I love these photos. My mom is an identical twin, I’m a fraternal twin and my brother’s wife is an identical twin. It’s wonderful to have a twin. I look forward to watching your nephews grow up.
    BTW, I love this new set-up here. It made it easy to comment. 🙂

  3. Absolutely precious! Every single photo…very sweet. I’m especially fond of the ones with both Nana and great-grandma with your precious babes. You even moved your new red loveseat outside for photos? WOW! VERY nice.

  4. Beautiful pictures. And sweet looking family 🙂 Are you Bontrager’s by any chance related to the family of 10 (Bontrager’s as well) who sing across the country at churches?

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