It’s Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas….

  The Ferguson household is looking Christmas-y and festive.  It’s hysterical, I decorate almost exactly the same every year, and every year, I HAVE to take pictures. I can’t help myself!  🙂

  If you’ve been following 4 little Ferguson’s since its beginnings in 2010, you know that we Saran Wrap our main tree and store it decorated, glass balls and all.  I decorate it the same every year, so it is a real time saver to do it this way. We just haul it out to the shed until next year.  It’s a bit dusty, but it takes no time at all to fluff and dust it back to its former glory.


There are plenty of other decorations to put out, so the kids, Dale and I still have a great time decking the halls so to speak.  🙂

Kitchen tree:


My sweet friend and blog reader, Mary, sent me a couple of Christmas Banners last year and I absolutely love them!


Kids rooms and playroom:

Blog 2

boys tree

Blog 6

Main room:

Blog collage


Blog 3Blog 7

Blog 4

There is nothing I love more, than being curled up out by the fireplace and Christmas tree at night when the house is dark and still…….


All is calm, all is bright….


Saran Wrapped Christmas Tree

   Welcome to Works For Me Wednesday!


I had a reader and friend ask me about my Saran Wrapped Christmas Tree and I realized that some of you weren’t with us last year for “The Big Reveal”

   I saran wrapped my Christmas tree for the first time in 2009, and had Dale haul it out to the shed, where it spent the next year sitting in the corner.  Every time I saw it, I prayed that no spiders or mice were living inside it, waiting to spring out in my house next Christmas when I opened it. 

  So last year, 2010, when no spiders, mice, or other yucky creepy crawlers emerged with my lovely tree, from under the abyss of layer upon layer upon LAYER of giant restaurant quality Saran Wrap, I decided this was TOTALLY the way to do this “Tree with 4 kids thing”.  Someday I imagine us all working as a family to decorate the tree, but until then, I’ll take this fast method instead!  🙂  They like to help with the other stuff better anyways, like decorating their rooms or putting out snowman figurines.

  The only thing I did different at the end of Christmas last year, was I left ON all the breakables rather than removing them as we had done the year before, hoping none would get broken.  AGAIN, it worked.  I literally was done with my tree and the teeny bit of sprucing in 15 minutes this year.  NICE.

  If you can get your hands on some commercial size saran wrap and have a shed for storage, Saran wrapped, fully decorated Christmas trees are the way to go!  (we have a skinny tree by the way, not sure how you’d carry a full size one out your door)

    It may not work for you, but IT WORKS FOR ME!


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