Pepsi Chicken

  We originally made this while camping, and cooked it over an open fire as the recipe indicates. However, we tried that same recipe at home later, and it was still SO SO good!  I am giving you 3 cooking options today, and the end result is delicious, no matter which method you chose!

Pepsi Chicken

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  • 20 whole Chicken Legs
  • Salt And Pepper, to taste
  • 16 ounces, fluid Of Your Favorite BBQ Sauce
  • 2 liter of Pepsi (not Diet)

Preparation Instructions

Campfire Cooking Directions:
Place your chicken in a fire safe Dutch Oven with a lid. Salt and pepper chicken and add BBQ sauce. Fill with Pepsi until chicken is nearly covered. Put the lid on and place the Dutch oven on a bed of coals, covering with more hot coals. Cook 25-30 minutes depending on your fire, adding more Pepsi halfway through if it has all boiled away.

Home directions:

Option 1, Grill:
Preheat grill and place chicken legs in a large disposable roasting pan. Salt and pepper chicken and add BBQ sauce. Fill with Pepsi until chicken is nearly covered. Close the lid of the grill for the first 15 minutes while liquid comes to a boil, then leave the lid open the remainder of the time. Cook 30-40 minutes or until chicken is no longer pink, and the liquid has mostly boiled away.

Option 2, Stove Top:
Spray the inside of a large stock pot with cooking spray. Place 20 chicken legs inside and cover with BBQ sauce and 1/2 of your 2 liter of Pepsi. Place lid on pot and bring to a rapid boil for about 10 minutes. Turn heat down to medium high and leave lid off for the remainder of the cooking time. We are wanting the Pepsi and BBQ sauce to boil away and leave a nice coated chicken leg. Mine took about 30 minutes.

  No matter how you make it, it is so tender and SO good!





15 thoughts on “Pepsi Chicken

  1. What a yummy new way to make chicken. I have a bunch of pepsi in cans that we have not been drinking. I should try this out with them! Do you think I could do this with chicken breasts too? Or would that not work? I don’t have any legs(well I do, but I mean chicken legs hehe!).
    Thanks for sharing.:)

      • Yeah, no. It is not dishwashing to much it is just that they are the metal ones. But I found these and I really like them better. I only wish now that I could find some plastic rings like the lids. I am making lids out of the all in one plastic lids tho. But I just don’t like the look of that as much.;) It doesn’t have that cute look as much. Oh well, some may like that.

  2. Sounds deliciously easy. 🙂 Definitely trying this. Only maybe with fewer legs since I’m single and don’t need to eat 20 legs by myself. I mean, I probably COULD eat 20 but I shouldn’t. hehehe

  3. This sounds good using ribs too 🙂 I do not like chicken legs….only the breast,,,,,can eat a wing or two…..but prefer breast most…

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