Happy Birthday to Tylan!

  Saturday was Tylan’s 7th birthday.  I always have to praise God when I think about Tylan’s pregnancy and birth…..  

Ty2.jpg Ty3.jpg Ty.jpg Ty5.jpg Ty4.jpg Tylan, age 3 Tylan

    We had just lost our 4th baby in 2 years to miscarriage.  We had spent thousands and thousands of dollars on genetic testing to find out that nothing was wrong with my body, only to find out, there was no reason I shouldn’t be able to carry a baby to term.

  I felt angry at God and I felt betrayed by my own body. You can read what God showed me about letting go of my dreams in this 3 part series I wrote a couple of years ago.  Miscarriage is such an emotional rollercoaster and it took me totally letting go of MY plans, for Him to knock my socks of with HIS.

Part 1: Confessions of A Stubborn Child of God
Part 2: There Is Hope For The Hopeless
Part 3: Heaven Is For Real

  God is SO faithful to bless our obedience and give us our hearts desires.  Did you see Heaven is For Real is coming this Easter to theaters? Oh my goodness, the preview made me cry.  Go check it out, our numbers matter opening weekend. Let’s show Hollywood what kind of films we will support!


  So on to birthday fun!

  Friday, we found out Frozen was playing at the cool Dome Screened theatre we have in town.  We picked up Tylan’s buddy, Ryland, and headed over, only to find out they were SOLD OUT!  This is the second year in a row we tried to see a Dome Screen Movie, only to find out the movie was gone already, or sold out.  BOOOO!

  Sweet boys, they handled it so well!  You know, Ice Cream fixes everything, so we got out everything we had to make Ice Cream Sundaes.  They played while they watched Cloud With A Chance of Meatballs 2. 

ty bday

    The next day was the Official birthday day, so we started the day with Biscuits and Gravy and scrambled eggs.  At our house, when it’s your Birthday, you are King of the day, that means no chores, all day long!  The kids all had fun serving him and clearing his plate for him.

  In going with the “King of the Day” theme, we presented Ty with a new dress up Kings Crown, first thing. 

  It’s to share with all the other kids too, they play King & Queen ALL the time, so I was so happy to find it for next to nothing on Zulilly.

ty 1

You will notice Tigger the Tiger in a lot of these photos.  He is the 1st grade class pet, so it was perfect he got to come home with Ty on his birthday weekend!

  Tylan got some fun presents, also from Zulilly deals.  We typically do 3 gifts just like Christmas.  This time it was some new Jesus movies, Cones to make obstacles courses for his roller blades or bike, and a cool marble works set.
Ty 2

  Sweet Avery wrapped up her BEST Acorn to give to her brother…. Precious!

ty 3

   So, I am no Cake Decorator, in fact, I am quite TERRIBLE at it!  But, I love to barter with other moms!!!  It makes it nice and affordable for everyone. I have now been paid to do photography in chickens, a baby bed, and cupcakes!  BEAUTIFUL, decorated ones!

  We decided on a Monster theme, and ordered enough cupcakes to take to school to share with his friends, too! 

  We found these Monster plates at Hobby Lobby:  IMG_5290

  First of all, our small town NEVER has the right “theme” available.  I literally bought these at the store on Friday afternoon, then headed home to find out the cupcakes had been delivered while I was gone.  

  Remember, these items were all bought BEFORE seeing the cupcakes.  What are the odds that they would match so well?! I couldn’t believe it!


  The Cupcakes tasted as amazing as they looked!  Dale hates frosting with a passion. In fact, I knew I was going to marry him, the day we attended a wedding together, and he scraped his frosting off and plopped it on top of my slice of cake.  True love right there, folks.  Anyhow, he says, “Mmm, this is really good frosting” and ATE IT!  

  Miracles DO happen!

  A big thanks to Briana from ‘How Sweet It Is’.  If you are local and want to know more, just message me and I will pass on her info!  She does a fantastic job!

  So, to make the whole weekend even BETTER, Great Aunt Gena took the 3 big kids to see a local production of The Wizard of Oz.  They had SO much fun!

  Pizza and playing on the stairs at Uncle Dan and Aunt Gena’s afterwards, only made it better!


  I’d say over all, the weekend was a HUGE success!!!

7th bday

Happy Birthday, Tylan!  You are growing up so fast.  7 sounds way too grown up, what are we going to do about that!?  You are such a wonderful, helpful, kind-hearted gentleman!!

Love, Momma  xoxox

  Head over to Post 2 for a few shots from Tylan’s 7 Year old photo shoot!  I am trying SO hard to be a good photographer-mommy and capture each year like I used to when I had to hire it done!  We spent about 30 minutes to get these shots, praise God the weather was nice enough for no coats!


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