Easy Bierocks

  Thanks for making yesterday such a special day for us!  I loved hearing from you all as we celebrated 1 year of 4 little Fergusons together.

Today is another special day, today is Tylan’s Born Again Birthday! 


One year ago today, Tylan tearfully came up to me and asked if Jesus could please live in his heart.  What precious moments to be privileged to experience as a mother!!!!  Check it out this special story here: Happy Born Again Birthday, Tylan!

  We talked about what a special day it was today at breakfast and reminded him what happened a year ago, when he asked Jesus to be his Saviour….the angels had a Born Again Birthday Party in Heaven and God wrote his name in the Book of Life.  We won’t always have cake to celebrate, but should I think of something yummy to serve, we’ll do a candle and sing happy born again birthday to him tonight at supper.  🙂

  On to the recipe, Easy Bierocks…..

I used to be too scared to make these, but after my BFF showed me how, I realized it was much simpler than I had imagined.  The Rhodes Rolls take out nearly all the hard parts.  I only wish I could find Whole wheat Rhodes Rolls, then my world would be complete.  🙂

Easy Bierocks


  • 1 package Of 32 Rhodes Rolls Frozen Dough, whole wheat is best!
  • 2 pounds Hamburger
  • 14 ounces, weight Can Of Kraut, Rinsed, Drained And Dried Well
  • 1 whole Onion, Chopped
  • 1-½ cup Shredded Cheese, some people leave this out
  • Salt And Pepper, to taste (I feel like you need to be generous with seasonings in this dish or its bland)

Spray 2 muffin tins with oil. Fill each cup with 2 Rhodes Rolls. Spray saran wrap with cooking spray and loosely cover. Let dough thaw and rise about 4 hours, or until double in size. Do NOT over rise, or they will deflate.


(No “full moon” comments!!!!)  🙂

In a skillet, fry up hamburger and onions. Drain. Rinse, drain and dry well, sauerkraut. Add to drained hamburger. Stir in 1 1/2 cups of cheese.


  On a floured service, stretch raised dough into a 4 inch circle and fill with approx. 1/3 cup filling.

Pinch 4 corners together to make a bundle. Repeat with remaining 4 corners so no filling is showing. Pinch ends tightly together and place pinched side down on baking sheet. Repeat until all dough is filled.


Bake at 425* for 20 minutes.


Serve with a mixture of yellow mustard, spicy mustard and Worcestershire sauce.


Delicious!  Comfort food at it’s BEST!  And, as tradition dictates from my best friend, this dish must be served with Lipton Onion chip dip, potato chips and carrot sticks! YUMMMMMMMM.

Happy Baking & Happy Born Again Birthday to my Tylan! 


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27 thoughts on “Easy Bierocks

  1. What a very special week you are having. Today brought tears to my eyes. And a smile to my lips. And the recipe looks yummy. I just bought some Rhodes rolls too….it’s meant to be. Happy Born Again Birthday, Tylan.

  2. You make the bestest foods! These look awesome. I always celebrate my children’s (& gr’children’s) RE-birthdays! They get a card and a little something because I don’t ever want them to forget the most important decision of their lives. Oh how precious to think of our children wanting Jesus in their heart! =) Enjoy a great weekend. XO

  3. What a special birthday to celebrate for your entire family. He is just precious! I teach a Ladies Bible Study Group and I will be sharing with them about his Born Again Birthday. We make Bierocks every year, it is a tradition, we just love them. I really like your recipe because it is easy and would be very good. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday. Hope you are having a great week end and come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  4. I don’t understand why you put 2 rolls in each section of the muffin tin to rise instead of just letting them rise on a baking sheet since you flatten them down to fill with meat mixture and then place on bread sheet to rise and bake.

    • My understanding, is that this causes them to rise as 1 larger roll. If you did smaller rolls on a cookie sheet, you’d have to work the dough more to get 2 formed into 1. Make sense? 🙂

      • Oh wow! I have been making 36 small ones because I never caught on that you would use two together! Just read this! For the record 36 small ones works fine I just use less filling and cooked for less time!

    • Pronounced “Beer-ocks”. They are meat-filled pocket pastries originating possibly in Germany or Russia. The dish is common among the German community. It was brought to the United States in the 1880s by German Russian Mennonite immigrants. I grew up Mennonite and we loved these as kids! 🙂 And FYI, you don’t taste the kraut. I will be interested to hear what you think of these if you make them!

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  6. I would like to come over to your house for dinner…these look tasty delicious! I haven’t had a bierock in years. My husband has a thing for cabbage, I might just have to try to make him some of these in the next few weeks.

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  8. These look yummy! One problem, I have no idea what Rhodes rolls are?? Possibly a brand that doesn’t sell north of the border? Is there something else that can be substituted?

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