Sophie The Brave


Meet Sophie, our lovable mutt.  She and Dale have a love – hate relationship;  As in they love to hate each other.

  When he says in a sing-songy voice: “Oh, Sooo-phie”,  she puts her tail between her legs and runs away to cower in her bed. 

  You know what they say about dogs being a good judge of character.  Hmmmm, should I be worried? 

Naaah.  🙂

  So Miss Sophie thinks she is big stuff, running around outside from fence row to fence row, barking at nothing to prove just what a mighty warrior she is.  She especially likes to boss our Chickens around. You know, remind them she was here first!

  I was outside photographing these lovely “weeds” which cover the yard as far as the eye can see, before Dale mowed them away.  Our Creator is amazing, and these flowers are picture-worthy!!!!   So are the cute little bikers in the background!

{Before I go any further, let me apologize for the freakish blue tint to some of these photos. Guess who had the camera set on indoor Tungsten lighting and didn’t notice until waaaay too late. Oops, sorry!}


  Sophie was hanging close by me, eye-balling her brood, making sure they weren’t up to any funny business.


    When suddenly, she SPRINGS into action, racing straight into a group of unsuspecting chickens!!




“ SOPHIE!” I yell, “quit chasing the chickens!”



  She ignored me, racing right by.  Unfortunately for me, and you, I did not even think of getting a shot of this, having abandoned my camera for the sake of saving tomorrow mornings eggs…..

But before I can do anything, Henny Penny decides she has had enough of this yippy Weiner dog and turns her tail feathers right around, and goes on attack. 

Poor Sophie never even saw it coming!!!! 

  She high tailed it out of there like she had been shot!  Then, she very slowly, and oh-so humbly slinked up to me to say Sorry……134

Begging for mercy!


  I don’t know about you, but I am pretty sure she learned a lesson more valuable than any scolding I could’ve given her at this point.120

Look at her, eyeballing those chickens, making sure none are coming to get her!  You sure showed them, Sophie, you brave little weenie dog you!

  Better luck next time!




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