4 little Fergusons Photography: Paxton ~ 18 months old

  Paxton is 18 months old!  Time for a photo session. (better late than never)


   This is my first session done WITHOUT my very very favorite editing program.  It makes me want to cry that I will not have access to Picnik’s easy to use tools, texts and collages.  Even though it’s not gone for good yet, I MADE myself edit in Lightroom tonight. MADE MYSELF! 

  It is better for me to practice and tweak on my own kiddos than someone who is paying me to take their session. I have GOT to learn this program and soon

  It was difficult and I seriously was seeing spots by the time I was done, from staring at all those tiny sliders and words, ugh.

  Without further adieu, (or whining) I give you, my first edits in Lightroom of my sweet baby Pax.

I KNOW they need work, some are too blue, some are too red, some are too green, they are all darker than I like them to be…Rrrrr!!!!  I’m working on it, and practice makes perfect, right?!?!?!  Oh yeah, I said no more whining. 

Carry on! 🙂






 Such a sweet baby face and I just wanna kiss those smooshy lips!