Weekend Fun: Tractors, Trailers, & Traditions

  Did you all have a great weekend!?

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Ours was busy, but fun.  It was warmer than it has been, thankfully the ice is melted and we are enjoying 50’s and 60’s again.  That means there are LOTS of chores to do outside in preparation for gardens, our up and coming cow purchase, and even some branch clean up from that yucky ice storm.

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  God answered a really big prayer of ours, and provided Dale’s father, Don, a beautiful camper trailer to live in while he goes through chemo.  If you follow us on Facebook, you know he has stage 4 cancer and we are asking God for a miracle.  We did a family photo shoot that I will share with you on Thursday, so you can “meet” him then. 

 This camper is nice and big with a slide out, open kitchen and living area, washer & dryer, nice storage areas, including 3 closets, tub-shower and more.  Way nicer than anything we had found before, and exactly in the price range that was set.  A TOTAL God-thing to say the least!!!!!! 

Papas new home

  We are going to clean it good, and get him moved out here soon, so I can help care for him, if necessary.  Or, at very least, check on him now and then.
He lives in another town, but had recently purchased the acreage right next door to us, in hopes of building there someday.  Soon we will move his camper over there.{First we have to hook up water and all that.} It will be so fun to have Papa right next door!

  This Weekend was also the MCC Sale.  It’s a Mennonite event that raises funds for disaster relief all over the world.  They auction off beautiful wood crafted items, tractors, bikes, campers, marble sets, and gorgeous handmade quilts from the local Mennonite ladies! 

We love to watch the ladies make Pysanka, Ukrainian Easter eggs. 

mcc 1mcc 2

  Of course the MCC Sale offers amazing German food, like Vereneke {pronounced Verenika} and ham gravy, zwiebach, cherry or pluma moos, borscht, and bonne berogi.  My friend Stephanie, posted this photo of her supper on Facebook, she said I could share it with you today. 

  This is the traditional German meal, dubbed “The Feeding of the Multitudes” at this particular event. There is a reason it’s called this, cause you all, the line seriously goes the entire walkway in front of the building, and down as far as the eye can see.  We have never braved it with the kids!


   We typically go as a family after school for snacks of some Vereneke to share, along with meat, crackers and Cheese Curds! {aka Squeaky Cheese}

mcc 4

Due to the SPECIAL nature of this oh-so exciting yearly event, I let everyone pick one sweet treat. Oh, were they excited about that part!!!!!!!

  Destiny was clever and waited until the VERY end of our time there, to pick some Kettle Corn and eat it on the way home. {no pic} She said she chose that because it lasted longer than other sweet treats.  Like I said, CLEVER! 🙂

  The other kids thought she was nuts, they didn’t want to wait at ALL!  mcc 5

  There are some Amish girls there that make the most melt in your mouth AMAZING fresh-baked Cookies and Whoopie Pies you have ever tasted! 

Paxton agreed!  Last year I wouldn’t let him have a Whoopie Pie, but I did find some sweet photos of him eyeballing it! He was SO little last year.  My baby is growing up! 

mcc 7

Lets just say, that he thoroughly enjoyed his first Whoopie Pie!

mcc 8

   I grew up in the Mennonite church, and have gone to the MCC Sale every year as long as I can remember!  I hope my kids have fun memories of us doing the same.  I wrote more about this Sale and what great things they do with the money they raise last year and even the year before that!!!!

 I am SO predictable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully you aren’t tired of me blogging about this yet.  🙂

  mcc 3

  After that we walked around and did some of the kids activities before heading home for bedtime.

mcc 9mcc 6

   The next day, I got to go BACK!  Dale was sweet to stay home with the kiddos, so I could go with my BFF, Kasey, for GIRL time!  That never happens anymore!

  Isn’t it funny how you can go the same place twice, once with kids and once with out, and it’s like a whole NEW event!?  We had so much fun sitting at the auctions, visiting and eating, and we hardly knew what to do with ourselves, not taking kids potty or doing head counts. No photos of our girl time though, I was off the clock! lol 🙂

  This weekend was also Dale’s 32nd birthday!

blog 3blog 4He didn’t have any big requests, so we made him his FAAAAVORITE Lemon Pudding Dessert, which we have EVERY single year on April 14th.  

Lemon pudding dessert

  Hey, its creamy, its good, it reminds me of Spring, and it’s better than his other choice:

PLAIN chocolate cake drowned in milk.  

NO frosting at all! WHAT????

Cake without FROSTING!?!?!?!


  I’ve never officially blogged this lemon dessert, or typed it out on Tasty Kitchen, because I think EVERYONE already has it.

Yes? No? Maybe? Let me know, I’d be glad to share it soon.

  Tonight, I am making him Man Casserole for supper since last night was Sunday Night Snack Supper.  This casserole is one of his favorites! Looks crazy, tastes amazing.

  We don’t do much for grown up birthday’s at our house, we have so much to be thankful for and really don’t have any thing we “need”. 

Simplicity makes me happy, and it really is the little things that mean the most……like being together!

blog 5

  Happy Monday!



6 thoughts on “Weekend Fun: Tractors, Trailers, & Traditions

  1. Looks like a very special time of fun this weekend. I can’t imagine how long it takes you to put all those photos together like this. I loved seeing those precious babes smiles…loved seeing Nana’s face too, but my favorite is the one of all the kiddos hugging their daddy on your porch. LOVE.IT. I’m sure your kids will cherish these memories as you do from your childhood. And HURRAY for Girlfriend time too – awesome! Have a wonderful week Friend. XO

  2. When you wrote, “I am SO predictable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully you aren’t tired of me blogging about this yet. :).”

    I said, “Nooooo, Don’t stop.” I loved it! I love the pictures too. Keep up the good work.

    • Aww! Thanks, Sara. 🙂 That makes me feel much better!!! This blog is supposed to be a peek into our lives, I just didn’t realize how many things we do the SAME year after year. LOL! 🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Since I just found you this is my first time reading about it. I grew up in the Mennonite Church too, and would you believe, have NEVER attend a relief sale! I’ve never eaten most of those foods, either. Maybe because I grew up on the Eastern Shore of Maryland?

  3. I was going to comment yesterday and never got to it. So, here I am!:) I love your blog, even tho you do the same thing each year it is different every time cuz the kids get older and stuff like that. I don’t mind seeing it over again. I ALWAYS enjoy coming over here and reading your blog post no matter what they are about!
    I just wanted to say too, I am so glad that you are going to be able to take care of Dale’s Dad. What a blessing that will be for all of you. My F-I-L has Parkinson’s and I wish that we could have a nice close relationship with them thru this. But, we do not. It breaks my heart to have such a stain on a relationship like we do. So, I am just ALWAYS happen when I hear of a family that can work together and help each other when it is needed.
    Tell Dale Happy Birthday! My Dads is the 14th also!! I just figured that you folks are only about 4 yrs. older then me! 🙂
    That craft sale looks AMAZING!!! We don’t get really good ones around here to much. I always LOVE to go to them too. And it is even better when you can go with a friend and enjoy yourselves!:)
    Have a great day sweetie!
    Love and hugs,

  4. Oh wow lots of exciting posts here..
    Destiny looks so tall in that photo with the kids lined up looking at the Easter Eggs!
    Late Birthday greetings to Dale and I would love your Lemon dessert recipe that looks delicious!

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