Senior Class of 2012: Allyson & Collen

  4 little Fergusons Photography is growing and I am so so thankful, that the Lord is allowing me to use this to supplement our income. I love photography so much!!! 

  My poor poor wrist is having some trouble though. I seem to have disturbed an old injury I used to go to physical therapy for, and can hardly move it after I edit for a few hours.  Yikes.  I didn’t know your body started falling apart at 30!!!!!!!!

  Anyhow, without further adieu,  Allyson then Collen.  Thanks guys, for such fun, light hearted Sessions!!! Congrats on your upcoming graduation, I wish you all Gods best!


P.S. I read a cute saying:

“Class of 2012: Don’t you wish you could be 1-2?”

Haha, get it?! CLEVER!  🙂



IMG_4425_b&wIMG_4433IMG_4439posterizeIMG_4443IMG_4448IMG_4463-tightcropIMG_4464-vintageIMG_4508 (2)IMG_4530-side textIMG_4531 (2)_butterfliesIMG_4550-verseIMG_4554-class ofIMG_4636IMG_4660-flippedIMG_4485


IMG_4733IMG_4832-2IMG_4859 (2)-old fashionedIMG_4866IMG_4885IMG_4905IMG_4918


IMG_5348-glasses text b&wIMG_5387 (3)IMG_5404IMG_5407 (2)crop

IMG_5409IMG_5415-2IMG_5429_b&wIMG_5443-2IMG_5465IMG_5492-HDRIMG_5510IMG_5521-tight cropIMG_5626IMG_5550-textIMG_5656-film stockIMG_5666IMG_5691IMG_5706 (2) vintageIMG_5787-2IMG_5797-vintage washedIMG_5804-senior2012IMG_5825-2-no borderIMG_5831IMG_5834IMG_5891


6 thoughts on “Senior Class of 2012: Allyson & Collen

  1. GORGEOUS photos! I think you captured their personalities in these photo shoots! I laughed out loud when I saw Collen’s sunglasses. VERY nice – I’m sure they are thrilled to spend time with a gifted woman like you…TAKE CARE OF THAT HAND! I’ve had problems with carpal tunnel too – it’s a nerve problem. See if B-12 helps!

  2. Well Rock on! Allison is attending KU? That’s where I got my undergrad and what I consider my alma mater! and Collen is going to OSU? My dad and oldest son both got undergrad degrees there! Looks like a good day for 2 schools close to my heart!! Depending on his major, Collen should go over to my pintrest page and look at the DIY board. It has 2 items my husband put together for a Farm House fundraiser. He might like them and it looks like he could find some to do his owwn thing wherever you are! Pix are great! !!!

  3. Congratulations to all of you, God Bless You all. These photo’s are fantastic. The kids are good looking and the variety of clothes and backgrounds, perfect. Pray about your hand and the Lord will give you an answer.

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