Big Blue Ball

  Today is a milestone in the life of The 4 Little Ferguson’s blog!  Drum roll please…….


  This, my friends, is my ONE HUNDREDTH post!

    Unfortunately for you, I have nothing inspiring, or over-the-top AMAZING to write about today in celebration of this being post #100.  But, this is a blog about my life, and in keeping with the 4 Little Ferguson’s theme, I have a Paxton story for you.

That’s fun, right?! 



Either way, it’ll have to be good enough for today, because I have a fussy baby who needs his Momma, 3 of the 4 little Fergusons have been getting up several times a night (each), I am beyond tired, and I am not feeling inspirational at the moment!!! 


Grouchy moment passing….ANNNNND WE’RE BACK TO SUNSHINE! 🙂

 Just the way I like it! 

  Next we’ll throw our arms around each others shoulders, and sing an inspiring round of Kumbaya! YIPEE SKIPEE!

  Ok, not really. 

Without further ado, mood swings or campfire songs, here is my Paxton story:

My darling 4th little Ferguson has a new obsession with my big blue exercise ball. 


  It’s probably not even fair to CALL it an exercise ball, since no exercise has ever been done on it.  The kids think it’s a cool toy to play on.  Tylan in particular likes to play the “run as fast as you can and roll superman style across the top of the big ball until you crash into the chair” game.  Avery gets out her pink ball to play too.  The big one is too “Scawey” for her.  (read that “scary” in 2-year-old talk) 

  I find it quite humorous that Paxton is obsessed with this ball, since it was purchased specifically for my pregnancy with him.  I spent many, many hours on it, rocking back and forth to relieve my backaches from lying around all day.  (6 1/2 months of my pregnancy were spent lying in my recliner, having contractions & missing out on life outside these 4 walls.) 

  In fact, I’d be willing to BET my big blue ball, that the stretching and rocking I did on said ball the night before Paxton was born, was what put me into labor!  I seriously felt it happen people; I felt him move off my pelvic bone, and knew it’d only be a matter of time.  4 AM the next morning, POP POP, I heard my water break and 5 hours later I was holding my darling little (BIG) 10 pound 3 oz. baby boy. (thus the nickname: “Tank”). 

  Trust this 4th time momma, and go buy a big blue ball before your next pregnancy, you will  LOVE IT, and your aching back will thank you!  Besides that, all the labor-inducing benefits of walking are achieved while sitting and swaying on your soft smooshey comfy ball.  All this while watching a girly movie on tv in your air-conditioned house….now really, how can you go wrong?!   Plus, here’s an added bonus: you can pretend you will use it to get back into shape AFTER the baby is born.  Worked for me! (the pretending that is)

    Back to the Paxton part of all this.  I ADORE how big Paxton’s eyes get as this GI-NORMOUS ball is rolled towards him.  He gets super excited, breathes really fast, and reaches his arms as WIIIIDE as they can go, trying to get them around the ball to bring it to his mouth. (Everything goes in the mouth at this stage you know.)   So stinkin’ cute! 

I have outlined the process in a series of photos below…..



  Have I mentioned that my 6 month old little man is SO close to crawling?

  It’s an outrage I tell you, these baby’s that refuse to act their age!

Silly lil’ Tank, don’t you know your supposed to be my baby FOREVER?

Happy 100th blog post!  Thanks for stopping by to peek into my world each day, it’s an honor to welcome you to my home.

Total visitors since October 2010?? 

10, 563. 


You guys ROCK!