Just One of Those Days…

  Today is just one of “THOSE” days.  First of all, I almost washed my face with hair gel.…..

See the bottles look alike. 


Don’t they? 


If you squint your eyes and pretend your half asleep? 

078 (2)

See, I told you! 

Wait, what do you mean didn’t I see the GIANT green leaf on the hair gel? 

Of COURSE you can see it right now, you are wide awake and staring at a carefully taken photo!  Imagine fumbling for it in a dim cupboard, half asleep.

Told ya.

  So, that’s the kind of day its been.  You know the kind….totally behind on all the house work, bills to pay, phone calls to return.  Still in your bathrobe at noon.  Kids seeming extra needy all morning.  Walking from room to room doing little projects here and there, but not appearing to accomplish that much, due to the chaos surrounding you. 

  The kind of day where you walk ALL the way from your bedroom to the laundry room, (at my house, this is a long walk) gathering things on the way, only to get out to the laundry room with a can of baked beans in one hand, the phone in the other, a naked baby doll tucked under your arm, 3 trucks in your pocket, and NO EARTHLY IDEA WHY YOU WERE HEADED TO THE LAUNDRY ROOM IN THE FIRST PLACE!

  Yup, it is that kind of day. 

  Paxton says it’s one of “those” days too….

  Dog-gone that backwards crawling, it gets him in all sorts of predicaments! 


  “MOMMA! Something is VERY wrong here! I can’t move!!!!!”


Help me?!”


Well, I should go now, I think I hear the phone ringing……and it appears to be coming from inside the refrigerator.

  Hmmm, wonder where I tucked that pasta salad?


  “This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad…”


Push Crust Recipe

  Here is the push crust recipe for those of you who requested it yesterday.  Like I told you, I am NOT a pie baker.  This was my second attempt ever.  However, the result was a flaky crust just like Grandma used to make.  Trust me, you can’t mess it up! It was way easier than I thought! 

  Speaking of Grandma, both my Grandmother AND my mother gave me such nice compliments about my crust.  Now THAT is something! 🙂 

  Here is a pic I found in the archives, of my first attempt at Peanut Butter Pie. (Dale’s FAVORITE) Well, that’s not true.  It was my first attempt at a Peanut Butter Pie not using a graham cracker crust. (NOT Dale’s favorite) I used this push crust recipe for the first time ever last year, so I could make him a “real” PB Pie for his birthday, cause I love him!  He was happy!   🙂


2 cups all-purpose flour

1 cup chilled Crisco (butter flavored is best)

1 tsp. salt

1/3 cup cold water

1 T. milk for basting

 Combine flour and salt.  Using a pastry cutter, cut shortening into flour.  Sprinkle with water.  Form into ball, divide in 2.  Flatten each to fit your pie pans.  Prick with a fork before baking.

  So here are my questions to you pie bakers out there:  When and why do I use the milk for basting?  I skipped cause I had NO idea why I would need this step.  Also, I par-baked this until barely brown with the custard pie, but there are no actual baking instructions.  I did 425* for like 6 minutes for par-baked.  So maybe 15 for a fully baked one?  What do you think?

  I am ready to learn, so teach me, oh-wise-ones! 🙂