XES: Why Church Girls Tend To Get It Backwards

   You all I am SOOO excited to share this with you today.  I have been very bold in talking about Sex God’s Way on this blog, and my blogger friend, Joy, over at Simply Bloom has a similar passion for this “touchy subject”.

God laid it on her heart to not only speak at Women’s events about this topic, but to write this jaw dropping book. Available on Amazon and Kindle on June 1st.

  XES: Why Church Girls Tend To Get It Backwards…..And How To Get It Right


“Great sex is less about how you position your pelvis and more about how you position your heart…”

  “In a society where it seems sex is talked about everywhere but within the four walls of the church, and is sizzling everywhere except the marriage bed, it appears we may have a problem on our hands.

With her signature warmth and transparency, Joy takes on the myths and mysteries of sex and marriage within the Christian subculture.

Through the lens of raw faith, and with the compassion of one who’s tasted the shame and regret of sexual brokenness, Joy sets out to debunk some of the lies we believe, expose truth we may have missed and, with refreshing candor straight from the trenches of motherhood, she encourages us to wholeheartedly pursue God’s best for our marriages.”

You’ll discover
• Why sex is under attack and what you can do to fight back
• How the church has unknowingly misrepresented God’s heart on sex
• How to cultivate a safe environment to speak openly about sex with your spouse
• Why carving out time for intimacy, even when you’re not in the mood, has the potential to transform your marriage and improve your overall wellbeing
• Practical ideas & helpful resources to take your intimacy to the next level

Take a minute and watch this clip about the book:

 You all are NOT going to want to miss your chance to get your hands on this one!  Now, before you all rush off to buy this book, I want you to listen to me.

  Joy just told me, that one blessed 4 little Ferguson’s reader is going to win a SIGNED copy, for FREE!


  Here are the ways to enter from today, May 26th through Sunday, May 31st at midnight:

Winner will be chosen by June 3rd and shared here on the blog via rafflecopter!

Use this link to enter and get credit for doing the above:

A Rafflecopter giveaway

My review quote for the book:

  “There is a movement happening in the church, and the wave starts within the pages of this book…..It is time we kick the World out of our bedrooms, and let the Author of Love HIMSELF, back in where He belongs. 

  It is time that good girls, stop feeling BAD, about enjoying Sex with their husbands. 

  And, it is past time, to make love making, the Hallelujah Party it is to our awesome Creator!  Joy covers this “hot topic” in such a classy, Godly, Bible-based way, with a whole lot of giggles thrown in  the mix.”                       

  Thanks, Joy for sharing this amazing book with the World and with our readers!  God is going to use it to do great things for His glory!


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5 thoughts on “XES: Why Church Girls Tend To Get It Backwards

  1. Thank you for the giveaway! I entered all 4 ways, posted to my facebook page and even tagged a new bride friend of mine and told her to check it out. Ive been helping her find books that will be useful to her as she starts her journey as a bride 🙂 I hope to win Id love to read this book, thank you for the giveaway that is so generous of you and the author as well! Keep writing and be blessed!

  2. Oh, I am sad because I can’t enter! I don’t have face book so that really counts me out.:(
    Also, I had a few ?? for you about ordering. I would just send you and e-mail but….. yahoo would not let us on our e-mail I think because of moving and getting on in different places so… long story short. I don’t have your e-mail address any more.:( Can you just leave it on here for me pretty please?!?!?!?!;)

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